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Contrary to popular belief, sex toys are certainly made for men too. Men’s sex toys designed keeping in mind the male sexual needs and desires are a boon to your bedroom time both alone or with a partner. Sex toys for men or male masturbators as they are commonly known come in a variety of designs, textures and forms made for anal penetration, arousal or to be worn around your penis.

Kaamastra houses a range of products men can indulge in and enhance their sexual experience with, from dildos and butt plugs for anal penetration to penis sleeves and cock rings (vibrating or manual) for the perfect stimulation; you are sure to find what your cock desires.

There are Vibrating as well as non-vibrating toys, chastity device or BDSM products that can help you masturbate or play out your fantasies with a partner.


Different Types of Male Sexual Toys Available at Kaamastra


How to Take Care of Men Pleasure Toy

Owning Adult men’s pleasure toys can be a wonderful and satisfying addition to your sex drive but it is very important to take care of them too. All products sold on Kaamastra come with a manual of instructions and some may mention the cleaning and storage tips as well, read the instructions carefully and follow them.

  • Depending upon the material of your toy select an appropriate lubricant to go with it, lube can be messy and so it is very important to clean your cock ring, dildo or butt plug thoroughly after use. This will help prolong the shelf life of your product especially if it is a battery operated one.
  • For all vibrating toys remove the battery after every use and once the mentioned duration is consumed please change the battery frequently. Always store the toy and battery separate so as to make sure the lead doesn’t leak on it.
  • It is important for your own safety and hygiene that you do not use unwashed/shared or unclean pleasure toys (especially the ones used to penetrate your anus)

Some Precautions to take -

  • When using cock rings (for the first time or even repeat use) go for a size bigger than your fully erect penis to make sure you do not harm yourself, if by any chance you do hurt yourself contact a medical professional immediately.
  • If you are experiencing anal sex for the first time, go for a plus or dildo that is sleek, small and of flexible material, slow is the way to go until you are comfortable.

How to Do Men Sex Toys Cleaning

Here are some helpful tips to keep your male sex toys clean and long-lasting.

  • For any sort of battery-operated toy always remove the batteries or vibrating mechanism (if removable) before cleaning the toy with water, water damage on the electrical part may damage the product.
  • Most products made of plastic or silicon should be cleaned by running them under warm water to make sure all stains and semen have been washed off.
  • Never store a wet toy, after wash pat dry with a clean cloth and let the toy air dry for a few minutes before you store them.
  • Wear a condom Even while using sex toys, from male masturbators, flashlights to cock rings and anal massagers to prolong their life and maintain hygiene.
  • You can always use a wet cloth instead of getting a battery-operated toy directly in contact with water, just make sure you are thorough with it. Wipe it multiple times and spray with a cleaner to be sure it is free of stains and germs.
  • Dust, you may not be able to see the specs but they are there. If you haven’t used the toy in a while and want to indulge make sure you give it a wipe down before use as well, better safe than sorry. Cleaning vibrating sex toys (without their battery) before and after every use is the safest way to use vibrators.
  • Any and all-penetrating vibrators especially prostate massagers should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to avoid infections and diseases. Try not to share your anal vibrators with anyone or use someone else’s. One that you exclusive use for yourself and clean on a regular basis will keep you healthy down there while you enjoy your deepest fantasies.

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