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Whatever your Vibrator preferences may be Kaamastra has something for everyone, both men and women are fond of indulging in the vibrator experience either alone or with a partner and to do so you need to invest in a good quality product that takes care of your sexual desires. We house the best of the best Vibrators for women, Clitoral stimulators, anal pleasure and vibes for men to reach intense sensations and orgasms.

For Both Women and men, it is vital to know the spots that work for you, not everyone responds to the same touch, explore your body and buy exactly what will help you seduce your desires to the fullest. Different types of models and functions are available for vaginal penetration, anal, massage, clitoral play and more.


Sex Vibrator - Different Types of  Available in Our Online Store

 There are various different types of vibrators with separate features and intensity, choosing one that is perfect for you is the play.

Picking a vibrator depends upon what you’re looking for, some compact yet intense vibrators like the bullet vibrator or the pocket rocket are Small in size but big in results. The rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular kind of vibe and is a no-nonsense product since it gets the job done and pulsates/massages your erogenous zones. Some must-see ones are the Screaming O Pop Rabbit Vibrator – Kiwi and the Kaamastra Plug Waterproof 10 Mode Silicone Vibrator

If clitoral vibrator or g spot vibrator works for you, you must check out the -Fifty Shades of Grey We Aim to Please Vibrating Bullet and the Screaming O Vooom Vibrator - with different level of vibration intensities you can attain immense please while masturbating or with a partner.

Although ring vibrators are for men do not underestimate the pleasure it can generate for you when your partner thrusts inside you, the vibrations touching your inner thighs will amplify the sensation you feel.  

Kaamastra Silicone Ben Wa Balls - These little treats are compact in size and meant for penetration and pleasure, when you leave them inside your vagina or anus the foreplay and arousal levels increase drastically. You can wear these Ben Wa balls outside of the bedroom as well if that is your fantasy, hiding in plain sight.


How to choose Perfect Vibrator For Girls for You

Vibrators are a boon to your sex life both for men and women, there are different varieties in vibes designed for specific uses and if you do not want to be disappointed it is best to understand first which type will suit you best.

Sex toys can be use both on the body as well as for penetration, the best way to enjoy maximum pleasure is to explore your or your partners body and know where to use the toy. Arousing sensations on the clitoris, penis crown or several other erogenous zones like the nipples, inner thigh, lower back, neck etc are good spots for vibrating sex toys. most vibrators would be similar to the shape of the penis and would be good for vaginal penetration but check before you use it for anal pleasure (it may not be designed for that).

When selecting a vaginal vibrator, you want to indulge in everything from clit stimulation to seducing thrusts and Determining which vibe to use for what is quite an easy task, the shape and style can help you with that too. Most vibrators are made with convenient design so as you can indulge in solo pleasure and have the perfect grip on the toy too, rabbit vibrators like the Screaming O Pop Rabbit Vibrator - Kiwi, for instance, provide the dual pleasure of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration whereas slightly curved end vibrators like the Charms Curve Massager make good toys for anal use.

Read carefully the instruction manual that comes along even if it isn’t the first toy you are using. Sensitivity is key, the features of vibrators usually vary anywhere between mild sensation to intense and it is best to always start with mild especially on your first use. The sensations of a vibrator on both on the surface of your body or inside can undoubtedly be pleasurable and different and while you enjoy its good to play with the settings to find out what the toy can do for you.

When investing in sex toys it is always recommended to go the extra mile, purchasing a good quality well-made toy will have a longer shelf life and will be safer to use on sensitive areas of the body. Vibrators are made of different type of materials and plastic or silicone are what you will find among the various designs available at Kaamastra, silicon models like the charms petite massager plush pink and charms petite massager velvet is known to last longer since they are easy to clean, store and doesn’t wear out as quickly as the plastic ones. To avoid any discomfort or especially if you are a beginner opt for the vibrator with softer material and be sure to use lubricant.

Health tip – It is not recommended to share but If you are planning on sharing the vibrator with your partner or switching between vaginal and anal penetration, clean the toy thoroughly after every use. Compromising on cleanliness can lead to sexually transmitted diseases and infections. 


How to Use These Female Vibrator?

All toys for women on Kaamastra fulfill different purposes and when you buy one it comes along with proper instructions of use, some may also mention instructions of cleaning and storing the product. Read carefully before use, if you are a first-time sex toy user researching as much about the product can be very helpful you can read about its functions online or watch videos of the same brand product for better understanding.

Some products are designed as a vibrator for couple that you can enjoy with your partner especially if the both of you enjoy penetrating each other, check out the CERES Original Massager - Raspberry Pink and the Charms Petite Massager Plush Pink, these adult vibrators make a perfect vagina stimulator.


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