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Including Sex toys into your sex life can be a wonderful thing, pleasure; either alone or with a partner is a feel-good release that our bodies need and enjoy. A dildo usually a Penis shaped non-vibrating toy can help you spruce up your alone time while masturbating or add a little something to your partner play. Dildos are available in various materials like glass, latex, jelly or silicone and in a number of sizes and shapes, you can choose from depending on what turns you on or works for you in bed.

Kaamastra will prove to be a one-stop solution for all your non-vibrating toy needs and more, typically used for vaginal or anal penetration a dildo is a much realistic approach to using sex toys as it feels like a penis and with manual operations, you can control the way you want it to please you or your partner. Many of the dildos come specifically designed to hit that G-spot for you that can make you orgasm, stimulate and arouse your partner to the fullest.

Kaamastra also houses other non-vibrating sex toys like the mini-powerhouse ben-wa-ball and Buttplugs that can enhance your sexual experience tenfold. 

How Dildo Can Help You to Enhance Your Sexual Life

Using Dildos for your sexual endeavors can be quite exciting and beneficial in many ways, it can bring your fantasies alive and help with better an intense orgasm as well. These give you or your partner the control to decide the depth, speed, and intensity of using the toy and since they are non-battery operated, they have a much longer shelf life. Easy to clean and store, these phallus shaped toys can bring that oomph factor to your sex life.

While dildo for men are gaining popularity Busting the myth and sexism surrounding the use of a penetrating sex toy is all the revolution, Kaamastra brings to you a wide selection of unisex and fun dildos designed for both Men and Women. There are many dildos designed specifically for anal pleasure including little powerhouses called butt plugs and experimenting in bed can certainly help enhance your sexual life and increase your sex drive. Dildos are sex toys for girls is a myth and although they do cater to a large female population it can be just as fun and more for men too.


Dildo Online -Different Types of You Can Buy at Kaamastra

There is a range of options available when you choose to buy dildos from Kaamastra, the different materials, sizes, styles, and designs will leave you spoilt for choice.

You can select from either glass dildo or silicone dildo which again have so many variations and designs each that can perform a different sensation.

It’s best to go with a mini dildo if you are a first-timer, take it slow and then move up to something like the Kaamastra Swirl Mushroom Tip Rocket Duel Dildo. If you are one who enjoys her toys to be pompous and pretty check out the dildo pink - Kaamastra Pink Heart Glass Dildo for Women.

For arousing sensations, we recommend a dotted dildo Kaamastra Dotted Rainbow Magic Wand Glass Dildo or a spiral dildo - Kaamastra Glass Double-Ended Dildo and if you are an experienced user and believe in ‘bigger the better’ check out the large dildo - Kaamastra Blue Wave G-Spot Glass Dildo and Kaamastra Super Long & Thick S-Curved Glass Dildo.

For experienced sex toy users out there, you may most likely enjoy upgrading your toys every now and then and our selection of big dildo available in variations of materials like glass, plastic or silicon with different textures such as dotted for example will certainly arouse you and leave you wanting for more.


How to Use Dildo Sex Toys?

Dildos are dynamic and unisex sex toys that can be enjoyed by both Men and women (sometimes even together) for anal or vaginal penetration.

Lubricate them and insert them into your vagina or anus (or your partners) to perform circular or your choice of motions, the sensation and friction of dildos feel a lot like a penis and brings about intense sexual pleasure. These are one of the most intimate toys as they require manual use and do not rely on batteries, it gives you or your partner the power to please as they may wish.


What Precaution Do You need to Follow?

Lube all the way – It is very important to keep lubricant handy when penetrating yourself with a toy, usually made of silicon or latex, dildos can be a little harsh to your sensitive area, best to glide the way with some water-based lube and enjoy the fun.

Cleanliness and storage – Since Dildos have a longer shelf life than battery operated toys and fewer chances of spoiling you must take the advantage and take good care of them. Clean after every use thoroughly and always read and follow the instructions for storage that comes with the toy.

Safe Sex – Use a condom while using a dildo or penetrating yourself with any sex toy, always change the condom while switching between anus and vagina, remember to change the condom every time you share the dildo with your partner too.


What Are Other Non-Vibrating Toys You Can Buy from Kaamastra?

Some titillating non-vibrating sex toys available on Kaamastra are the –

Ben WA Balls

* Benefits - these powerhouses are a treat and can be the perfect sexy gift or game with your partner, creating long-lasting foreplay these mini ben was balls work in arousing you to a whole new level.

* How To Use Ben WA Balls - Insert these carefully into your vagina or anus and leave it there while you go about your day, arouse your partner by telling them you have this on while on a date or right before intercourse.

* Precaution To Take - Use a lubricant on the balls especially when inserting into the anus, start out with silicon or plastic ben wa balls if you are a beginner and do not keep in for a very long time unless you are comfortable or used to it. Simply lie down or squat to insert or remove them, Clean with warm soapy water and store inside a dry container.

Butt Plugs

* Benefits – although these are unisex toys, men often prefer to experiment and enjoy these puppies, not only do they provide immense pleasure but also help dilate the muscles of your anus for penetration.

* How To Use Butt Plugs – carefully insert them into your (or your partners) anus and leave them in either as a choice of foreplay or go about your day teasing your partner about it.

* Precautions To Take – since these are specifically for anal arousal avoid using glass butt plugs for safety reasons, clean them after every use and remove them the instant you start feeling any discomfort. Please note Lube is love for butt plugs and will make it easy to glide in.


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