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If you have an active sex life you will understand that intensifying the experience in most cases is the need of the hour. A lot of people take charge of their sexual wellness and invest in sex toys to entice pleasure and you can do the same. At Kaamstra you can indulge in a variety of adult products and choose what you like and need, some popular ones are Vibrators, Dildos, Ben wa Balls and More. 

Believe it or not, including adult pleasure toys into the mix will prove to be a benefit for you and your better half. Figuring out together how and where the toy stimulates you the most on your body can be wonderful and you’re your intimate relationship to a whole new level. While the toys help in taking the pressure off the partners they provide intense orgasms and help you explore new positions and your partner's body, isn’t that just hot? Fulfill your fantasies by heading on over to Kaamastra your one-stop destination for the sexy fun.


Why Kaamastra Is the Perfect Destination to Buy Female Sex Toys

Kaamastra is the perfect destination for women & men sex toys all your adult pleasure needs, a friendly interface takes you to a selection of Adult Toys where you can browse through and be spoilt for choice. Dedicated products for men and women as well as everything you could possibly need to fulfill your fantasies. We guarantee quality products, multiple payment options like cash on delivery, debit and credit cards, E-Wallets or online transfer along with quick & discreet delivery option.

Shopping through our wide variety Of Adult pleasure toys will take you on ride and excite you before you have even started using them, check these out for an erotic and sensual experience – the low frequency vibrations of the Screaming O Vooom Vibrator is a great tease and works perfect for the women and men who like it soft and sexy, also a must see is the Screaming O Bang O Cook Ring the vibrations from this stretchy band will not only  give you pleasure but will prove to be a delightful experience for your partner too.

Another reason why Kaamastra is your perfect guide to sexual wellness is the number of options you get for any given product, all your Avant Garde fantasies will be fulfilled her, if you are a beginner scroll through the massagers – these are the underdogs when it comes to sex and can heighten your experience for both masturbation as well as couple play,

Different Types of Sex Toys Of Girls We Have For You

sex item for ladies have grown popular in the past decade or so and now people are extremely flexible to indulge into their sexual self and explore their bodies, some popular unisex Sexy toys are vibrators, dildos, ben WA balls, and massagers.

The dildo collection is sure to make you fall in love, these can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration and are manually operated. With dildos you can control the pace, intensity and use manual motions to attain an orgasm, these are extremely fun to use with a partner too and Kaamastra brings irresistible options in dildos like the mushroom tip, dotted, glass, silicon, spiral and more.

Vibrators – you’ve definitely heard of these, more so you may be using one of these bad boys. Vibrators are of different kinds serving different purposes, from vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation to anal plugs vibratos are mostly Battery operated made in either silicon or metallic materials. Commonly used for sexual stimulation their intense sensation is known to be the source of powerful orgasms which is why they make really good female sex toy and can be your companion if you too have trouble reaching a satisfying climax.  You can shop for various types of vibrators at Kaamastra like the rabbit vibrator and easy to carry bullet vibrators


High-Quality Sex Toys For Ladies With Trusted Brands

Kaamastra is your trusted platform for sex tools for women, with the top brands in pleasure toys like vibrators, dildos and more we are a one-stop solution to finding perfect sex toys for girl.

If you have chosen to take matters into your own hand, quite literally then you will know the importance of investing in a good quality product. Adult toys used for penetration come into contact with the outside skin as well as inside and is not something to be compromised on. Kaamastra understands the need for your path towards pleasure and promotes sexual wellness through trusted brands providing high-quality toys for ultimate satisfaction. Sex toys today is extremely popular among both men and women and the uses are endless, experimenting with adult toys is the only way to exploring what really gets you off and to help you do so you can put your trust in us.


Well known brands like Charms, Screaming O and many more among of course the in-house brand products by Kaamastra is a sight you will surely enjoy browsing through, the wide collection available shows you that the best options to choose from have been made available. The top-notch brands pride themselves on using the best material keeping in mind its functions and making It skin friendly, this, in turn, assures you that all Adult sex toys at Kaamastra can be used worry-free.


Buy Female Sex Toy From Kaamastra and enjoy Delivery Within 3 To 4 Business Days.

You can choose to pay via Debit/Credit cards, Online transfer, E-wallet or Cash on delivery, receive your sex toys in India by parcel at your doorstep in office friendly packaging and enjoy shopping for all your adult needs delivered to you discreetly. We deliver to almost all states and cities of India if you have any queries all you need to do is ask.

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