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A must have Lingerie for women, Body stockings have been a part of history for many decades, this one-piece garment covering your torso, legs and sometimes the arms is a body-hugging jewel for women. Also known as Erotic lingerie Body stockings are simply stockings but for your body and has in the many years progressed as a sexy attire leaving men ogling at and wanting for more. (in a more intimate way, not creepy)

Body stockings are available in multiple sizes and different materials and patterns too, usually made from semi-stretch lace or stretchy fishnet body stocking come in a variety of designs and fabrics which women can choose from, depending upon your style and comfort. These are actually a versatile piece of lingerie and are generally worn by their lonesome in the bedroom, below skirts and jackets outside the bedroom or just along with your favourite pair of boots or heels for a role play with a partner. So much can be achieved with skin hugging comfy body stockings.


Choose From Kinky Collection of Hot Stockings and Accessories for Women

Hot Stockings serve as the perfect accessory or present to your special lady partner and more so when you know how much they would love wearing it for you.

There is a wide collection of Body stockings to choose from at Kaamastra specially designed keeping in mind how intimate and sensual this attire can be, Body stockings come in different patterns like mesh, lace, fishnet, long sleeve, full body, strapless or sheer and the more you wear it the more you will experience it finding a place in your heart.

Sheer body stockings like the kaamastra black sleeveless sheer mesh lingerie dress is a racy number that will get your partners heart racing too. Bodysuits are about the texture and visual, the way it feels against your skin and way it arouses your partner in the bedroom is a win-win situation when donning the vineyard bodystocking.

Sexy and confident women who are comfortable in their skin flaunt stockings with tights or garter in the workplace, go crotchless  in the bedroom and adventurous with panty hose  at an evening invitation too, popularly worn by women everywhere the cupless and crotchless number like the kaamastra open bust crotchless body stocking is quite popular, the kaamastra black fishnet suspender pantyhose stockings is one for a flowy slit gown on top and kaamastra patterned high waist stockings for the Thigh high stockings lovers,

Most of the body stockings are crotchless primarily for convenience and comfort but also for the look and feel it brings to the bed teasing your partner by creating a mystery of showing nothing but just enough. This is the one piece of lingerie you do not want to take off, hence go crotchless so that the fabric against your skin and hitting against your partner will stimulate the both of you more during lovemaking,

This visual feast inside and outside the bedroom brings out your features perfectly while giving you the freedom to hide below those transparent delicate stockings, celebrities have been spotted flaunting these with skirts and jackets making it exotic clubwear, or wearing them with long furs and nipple pasties.


How to Wear bodystocking step by step

If you are a beginner and have been excited to indulge in this sexy lingerie this is for you, knowing how to correctly put on bodystockings can be super helpful, since it’s a complete set it can be intimidating to figure out how to put it on for the very first time minding the material to not tear or spoil it.

  • The first step of wearing sexy stockings is to prepare the attire, when you are ready for it treat them as you would to ant pair or stockings (or socks) bunch them up in your hands until you reach the section for the feet, carefully place your feet in one by one releasing just enough stocking to cover your legs and pull the clothing up gently.
  • Once you reach the thighs you can re-position (in case of any shifting to make sure the front parts are in front, in case you are wearing crotchless or open cups stockings it important to position them accordingly. One tip to keep in mind is not to let go of too much material or too less, leaving too less might stretch it too much and cause a tear and on the other hand, releasing too much might make it baggy and crinkly, you do not want either of those things to happen.
  • Keep going one you’ve pulled the body stocking all the way u to your breasts and insert your arms one by one fitting it perfectly your body.

Body stockings are an extremely easy form of lingerie, you can throw on a dress, skirt, long shirt or simply a long jacket to go without any mess or fuss.


Buy Fishnet Stockings Online from Kaamastra

This hot piece of lingerie is the most popular kind, the sexiness it exudes helps spice up sexy play in the bedroom. A very popular type of lingerie, the patterns, and styles available in fishnet body stockings can be enjoyed when worn below short dresses, you could even choose to go bold with simply a skirt and jacket for these colourful and designer fishnets.

Fishnet is something between sheer, and mesh creating a mystery while showing off just enough. kaamastra black fishnet v teddy and kaamastra red fishnet suspender bodystockings are just two of the many patterns, colors and designs you can select from at the website.

It is always a good idea to take immense care of your body stockings since they are mostly of thin/delicate material which is why it is best to always hand wash them instead of machine wash and store properly/separately to avoid wear and tear.


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