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Are you too one of the Halloween loving adults? Have you been planning all year for this very day, buying the perfect wig and makeup, searching for the perfect costume to help you play out your heart’s desires? Well, have you?

Look no further, Kaamastra yet again saves the day. You may want a sexy couples Halloween costumes and what better than the perfect day to cover up yet let your imagination run wild, if you or your partner believe in role playing and enjoy it too we have a collection designed just for you. Role playing can stimulate arousal and add a lot of fun to your sexy endeavors, play out your fantasies in the bedroom and surprise your partner with their favorite costumes.

Sexy Halloween costumes for women make erotic gifts for your wife or girlfriend, spending the night with your bae in a dreamy sexy nurse or a fancy schoolgirl costume will stimulate you to the fullest. Take your time with these adult costumes, let them add a little magic and spunk in your sex life while you play out a sexy scene with your partner before getting down to it


Role Play Costumes Ideas for adults Which Really Work!

Everyone has their own fantasies, their wild desires and yearning to play out a sexual endeavor as or with a certain set of characters, while you may or may not be new to role playing here are some friendly tips of costume ideas that actually really do work.

  •         Let the healing begin with a doctor/nurse on board, check out this sexy kaamastra night nurse costume which you can enjoy either as the nurse or the submissive patient. A fun night in with role playing will intensify your senses and lead to fun sex.
  •         This one brings power play with some light bondage into the mix, check out this kaamastra sultry maid costume and enjoy getting served more than just coffee. If this has always been one of your fantasies, play out a scene that leads to raunchy seduction.
  •         Many of you may have tried to get your partner in the mood while they are still at work, or a public place simple to entice them for a surprise waiting back at home, this is slow form of role play but one that works extremely well, if you have promised your better half something fun these kaamastra sexy geisha costume, kaamastra naughty and nice red santa christmas outfit or the kaamastra deluxe wicked queen costume are contemporary choices that will take your partner by surprise.· The schoolgirl costume is again one of the popular options and rightfully so, if this is a part of your fantasy and you’d like to reminisce and play out a hot scene with your partner check out the kaamastra sexy dark school girl costume and the kaamastra arousing college girl costume.·  Corsets and lace costumes too are a good choice when to comes to role playing, the way a corset shapes the body and the exotic look of lace are both extremely arousing. You can select among the baby pink corset (the best of both worlds), kaamastra zip front punk corset with adjustable straps (for a bold and beautiful look) and the kaamastra women pearl seductress burlesque corset (if you are one who loves to dominate your partner) and many more options available at Kaamastra.


Different Types of Fancy Dress Costumes Available at Kaamastra

Well, everyone has their own desires and fantasies and if you and your partners match then you’re in luck, sharing the fun and sexy activities you have in mind with bedroom costumes will surely make your partner long for it and tease him exponentially.

We have a variety of roleplay costumes available at the website,

choose from the bestsellers Halloween costumes and much loved, sexy maid costume and sexy nurse costume that will make your heart skip a beat, check out the naughty Kaamastra French Maid Bedroom Costume and Kaamastra After Hours Maid Costume that will entice you and make your partner look absolutely stunning and sexy. The Kaamastra Open Service Maid Lingerie Costume and Kaamastra Sultry Maid Costume are choices for the bolder role-playing couples.

For all you couple who’d love to play out the sexy nurse scene, The Kaamastra Nurse Teddy and Kaamastra Nurse Costume Set is sure to give you what your heart desires when you flaunt these elegant yet sultry lingerie the foreplay will be just as enticing as the sex.

If you are into the sporty look you can check out the numerous designs like the Kaamastra Rush Racer Costume, Kaamastra Lucky 69 Football Costume, Kaamastra Marauder Pirate Costume or Kaamastra Rowdy Referee Costume and let your sexy fantasies lead the way.

hot Halloween costumes available at Kaamastra serve not only as a conversation starter in the bedroom but also gives you that sexy look that you can wear for the Halloween party invitations, something hot and fun like the Kaamastra Halloween Lace-up Leatherette Devil Costume or the Kaamastra Sensuous Scoundrel Costume Set with a Kaamastra Halloween Masquerade Party Black Lace Mask to go along with can be a really good choice.


Why Prefer Kaamastra To Buy Sexy Role Play Outfits

Choosing to shop at Kaamastra is the first step to experiencing an overall good customer service when you invest in adult products you are indulging into your desires that you want to play out with that someone special and we make sure you are not disappointed.

With the best quality products made available to you in pocket-friendly and competitive prices, you will see that you are a getting a worthy deal. The fabric and material used for the Sexy outfits (costumes as well as lingerie) are top notch and with a wide range to choose from you will also find Kaamastra in-house brand products that have been loved and used by thousands of satisfied customers.


Get Delivered Sexy Dress Up Costumes, lingerie and attires from Kaamastra Within 3 to 4 Business Days across India

You can select from easy payment methods like cash on delivery, debit & credit cards or pay through your E-wallet and enjoy Quick shipping, Office friendly packaging, and Discreet Delivery.


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