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The Wedding - a day Most women look forward to, days leading up to weddings can be busy, frustrating and time-consuming which is why a bachelorette party is a perfect release and excuse before the big day. Buying the perfect gift for bachelorette parties makes all the difference which is why Kaamastra houses the best of the best options in variety, quality, and novelty. Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or an invitee there is something for everyone among sexy and naughty gift ideas collection.

A day that is just as fun and special for the bridesmaids as is for the bride A bachelorette party is a must for spinsters, the one chance for a sleepover, games, fun, and everything in between with your fellow girlfriends or bridesmaids. When planning a bachelorette party, it is important to know what the bride-to-be would want, her likes and dislikes and what would surprise her the most (in a good way).


Different Types Of Naughty Gifts Ideas For Hen Party like the bride to be clutch, Sexy Photo board and More

If you are the Bride, you are probably looking for the perfect gift giveaways for your bridesmaid, a little naughty gift would be perfect in the bachelorette party setting, won’t it? Similarly, if you are a bridesmaid or an invitee to the event you would be excited to find the perfect present for your friend about to get married. Among mixed emotions, Gossip, games and more gifts always have and always will bring a lot of joy to any party, Kaamastra understands the need and the art of gift giving and brings to you a collection fit for a Bride.

bachelorette party sashes

For the lady of the hour what better than to make her feel like the queen that she is with colourful sashes, you can always set a theme for the event and maybe even include exciting mini fashion shows where the Bride can flaunt her sash in style, check out the kaamastra pink bride to be sash with silver foil which is the perfect combination of quirky and stylish.

bachelorette party supplies -

When you plan an event like a bachelorette party making it budget-friendly would be your first thought, that is a smart way to go indeed. Kaamastra houses a bunch of items that are funny and designed specifically for a bachelorette party and these can be found within the cost-effective range as well, check out the kaamastra pink hen party 12ft holographic banner because no party is complete without a banner sign kaamastra hen party beware of wild women holographic banner another fun option and the custom designed badges for brides and her bridesmaid gang kaamastra bride to be brooch, kaamastra bride to be badges.


bachelorette party gift ideas –

What is the perfect way to send off a spinster into the marital world? Prepared! is the answer. Making the bachelorette experience fun and useful is the way to go for a perfect spinster party and gifts are certainly an integral part. When shopping for gifts for the blushing bride check these out for inspiration –

Jewellery – Well, who doesn’t like jewellery, that too a fun one like the kaamastra signature sexy cat necklace, a wonderful present with a touch of sexiness this necklace makes the perfect gift for bride-to-be (and even for the bridesmaids)

Lingerie – Every spinster party has that one friend who will gift the most erotic lingerie to the bride, well that friend is awesome and super helpful as some sexy lingerie is exactly what the blushing bride needs. Send that spinster into her honeymoon prepared for some naughty fun with kaamastra red rose thong, kaamastra fluorescent orange rivets punk corsage and the kaamastra i.o.u. romance G-String. Oh, and to make things spicier and erotic check out the kaamastra candy g-string a must-have for a bride.

Couple gifts – If you are planning on buying a gift for the spinster let us not forget her dashing groom too, Kaamastra has you covered either way with fun, sexy and notorious options like kaamastra bride & groom shot necklace, the bedroom special kaamastra lets f*ck coupon booklet and the perfect adult game kaamastra sex position dice.


Looking for spinster party games?

Any event that is dedicated towards one single person needs to be interactive and full of activities, a bachelorette party more so than anything else needs to be fun for everyone involved and games do just that. Pick out games where the lady of the hour is the centre of attraction (brides love that if yours does too make sure you pick her favourite games).

Popular bachelorette party games include anything from drinking games to personalized bride trivia, at Kaamastra you can select from a wide range of hens party games like the drinko - kaamastra games and drunken tower drinking - kaamastra games which are widely searched and bought, also check out the sexy lady gaga playing cards for a fun day of gossip, drinks, poker and more.

Fun bachelorette party game ideas like ‘Guess the Gift’, ‘Bride Trivia’ and more are dedicated bride to be games that can be played to amp up the bachelorette experience. Especially if you are the Maid of honour you want to make sure all the light shines brightly on the Bride.


Get Quirky Bachelorette Party Props At Kaamastra

Not really as a cliché at it may sound but a bunch of women drinking, playing cards and celebrating is definitely incomplete without a Photo Op, a bachelor party for bride must have a Photo Station for where quirky and fun memories can be made. Find the perfect décor, props and more of the best quality and pocket-friendly prices at Kaamastra. Check out some options like the kaamastra bride photo booth board, kaamastra devil horns party headband with pitchfork, kaamastra apron police design and the hot kaamastra apron man in thong design.

Quick tip

Props and photo booth boards make the perfect giveaways at an event like a spinster party, let your bridesmaid pick and choose the ones they like most and take home.


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