Buy Sexy Leggings, Shorts & Hot Pants from Kaamastra to Flaunt Your Curves the Best Possible Way

Bottom wear plays a very important role in accentuating the figure, wearing the wrong fit or style can ruin the look of an entire ensemble plus also hide the curves or show them too much. When you know what looks best on you and which type of bottom-wear you want to flaunt the whole look comes together easily.

Kaamastra will help you find your desires attire from 50 + designs in collections from Sexy Leggings, Skirts and Hot pants/shorts making it easy for you to indulge in good quality clothing while looking your best. We pride ourselves on providing everything from girls denim short, hot pants for women to everyday sexy leggings made in Good quality fabric, varieties of colors and designs fitting just for your comfort.


Many Categories of Shorts for Women to Choose From

The different categories of shorts available on the website will take you on a joy ride where you can sit back, relax and shop for the best denim or jean shorts, one of our hot sellers.

If your figure calls for booty shorts you must check out the varieties from printed, latex and fancy hot shorts at Kaamastra – fall in love with the sexy look and tease your partner or go around town flaunting the Kaamastra Jeans printed shorts (available in 3 different colors), kaamastra golden latex hot pants, kaamastra hot sequin shorts and the ripped look with kaamastra light blue denim frayed destroyed shorts

For an hourglass figure wanting something flexible and classy the leather shorts are a great choice, must see are the Kaamastra Girls Leather Shorts and Kaamastra Sexy Red Shorts (available in multiple colors)


How to Choose Right Seductive Leggings for You

leggings are a versatile piece of clothing, they bring about a level of comfort while acting as the perfect bottom wear with shirts, kurtas, cardigans and more. This contemporary pair of leggings can be played in numerous ways, having said that, it is important to select the right pair of sexy leggings for you- here are some tips to keep in mind.

There are different types of leggings made in a variation of fabrics, from every cotton, slit clubwear trouser leggings to erotic latex tight leggings and more available on Kaamastra and yes, the material is the first thing you should consider when buying leggings, pick what suits you best and the occasion is it for. Leggings can replace jeans or trousers in the most scenario but since they are skin hugging it is vital to choose the correct top, formal shirts or tees to go with it. An ideal choice with heels ankle length leggings can do wonders for women both short or tall in height.


Types of Hot Leggings You'll Get on Kaamastra

Leggings have brought about a change in the way women dress and naturally makes the attire look sexy because of their fitted and body-hugging style. You can choose from various different choices, from tight leggings option like the Kaamastra Wet Look Side Slit Leggings to fancy party wear printed leggings like the kaamastra rainbow striped leggings, go glam when in doubt with Kaamastra Black Shimmer Legging.

If leather is your calling and you enjoy some light bondage with your partner you will not be disappointed, the subtle yet bold colors and texture available will make you fall in love with the Kaamastra Cut Leather Black Legging and Kaamastra Sexy leopard print Leather Leggings, head over to the latex leggings

Selection for the glistening look.

Everyday wear and casual Sexy look with the Kaamastra Fantasy Ripped Leggings and Kaamastra Shredded Orange Legging (available in many different colours) can be donned with a quirky crop top or printed tee.


Types of Skirts Most Preferred by Kaamastra Customers

Kaamastra has seen one of the bestselling products for women to be hot and sexy skirts, skirts are very dynamic attire and have the power to amp up any look, from fantasies to regular casuals and sexy bedroom wear to pencil formals skirts are a contemporary and revolutionary piece of clothing for women.

Find various types and style of hot short skirts like the Kaamastra Latex tube top with skirt - a very intimate and wild choice to seduce and arouse your partner, or go with quirky hot beachwear with the kaamastra broen polyester skirt with tassel and kaamastra greenish printed tassel beach skirt If you are a fan of short mini skirt, Kaamastra Short Gold Metallic Mini Skirt, and Kaamastra Latex Micro Skirt are your answer to sexy wear with a little left to mystery.


How to Wear a sexy short skirt Comfortably

While you may wear hot pants for womens and sexy short skirts with confidence, they are certainly trendsetters too. Pairing them up with various different styles of body stocking and leggings can give you a new look every day. When going for sexy yet subtle for outside the bedroom wear all kinds of skirts and hot pants go really well with sweatshirts, tees and button-down shirts as well.

You can go for a skin-hugging legging for the winter look with a cute skirt on top and a matching tee or roll on over to the glam body stocking with mini skirt look. These below the skirt attires bring discretion in style and saves you from any embarrassing moments, while you may very well know how to carry your sexy clothing these give you a different look as well as comfort.


Types of Pants Kaamastra Customers Prefer

You can find Hot past, jeggings and ripped pants at Kaamastra flaunt them with your daily wear to showcase your style and figure successfully. Bold and beautiful leather pants and slit pants are a part of the collection, check out a few designs - Kaamastra Latex Plus Cashmere Pants for Women, Kaamastra Latex Pants for Women (available in various colours), Kaamastra Latex Plus Cotton Lycra Trousers and Kaamastra Blue Jeggings (available in various colours)


How to Choose Leather and Other Types of Pants

Leather wear is not for everyone but does not be disheartened by it, if you know how to buy leather or latex Pants for yourself the look with coming together automatically.

Things to remember –

  • Leather/rubber/latex, this material is not stretchable, flexible or breathable so make sure to purchase the correct size.
  • Take into consideration the weather whenever you plan on stepping out in this material, if it sticks too much to the skin due to sweat it will cause discomfort and might be harder to get off.
  • Pick a style and size that will flatter your figure, its safe to say this look best on petite women as they accentuate the hourglass figure and act as a second layer of skin giving it an extremely hot look.
  • While they are mostly of deeper colors they compliment bright tops and skirts really well.


Get Delivered Hot Leggings, Sexy Pants, Skirts and more from across India Within 3 to 4 Business Days.

A range of denim shorts, latex leggings, and sexy skirts await you at a designer selection at Kaamastra, Shop from the comfort of your home or workplace (on your break of course) and enjoy quick shipping in Office-friendly packaging. We also provide multiple options of payment and discreet delivery for your convenience.


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