Astonishing Varieties of Sexy Jewelry & Accessories like Chokers, Pasties, Leg Chain & More

Looking to Spice up the romance between the sheets?

What is the one complaint your wife or girlfriend may have with you? That you probably forget the numerous kinds of celebrations and anniversaries that magically she always remembers. Kaamastra gives you the opportunity to wow her in the best and beautiful way, the wide selection and varieties of Sexy jewellery and accessories available on the website.

As women we love shopping for jewellery without a doubt, that same love is shared when we shop for lingerie the intimate sexiness we feel while picking our favourite styles and colour. Kaamastra has combined the two of our loved things and voila! We have Sex jewellery available that is simply a must-have.  If you thought you knew love, check out the rhinestone chokers, tassel bras, and jewelled nipple pasties. Excellent quality products in the best prices brought through a wide collection at Kaamastra will surely make this your favourite shopping destination.


Why You Should Wear Sexy Jewelry?

Jewelry is considered sexy depending upon where you are wearing it and while body jewelry is worn on otherwise covered and intimate places, the appeal of it increases tenfold. If that isn’t reason enough, here are some benefits of wearing sexy jewellery –

The neck, waist, (feet and ears for some people) and the intimate parts are all erogenous zones, now when you adorn them imagine how attractive it would become, certainly more than usual. Jewellery does have sex appeal how to use it depends on the wearer.

Among sexy lingerie and swimwear when your partner sees a bedazzled body jewellery it will certainly arouse them more and give you a look to flaunt.


How You Should Choose Body Jewelry?

Choosing to wear body jewellery is a bold choice, get that naughty look combined with your love for jewellery.

The first and foremost thing to be sure of when opting for body jewellery is to be sure about the type of jewellery you are interested in and the area of your body you want to wear it on.

Make sure you inspect the type of chain, choker, pasties, piercings or any other type of jewellery that will come in contact with your skin, all are made with different type of material and adornments and it is best to know them in case you have any resistance to particular metals, this helps to avoid any allergic reaction or skin infection especially for people with sensitive skin.

Once you’ve made sure the type of body jewellery and material suits you, move over to selecting the design/pattern and size that will flatter your figure the most, inside the bedroom or outside intimate products have a certain appeal to them and when worn right can-do wonders. When you choose to indulge in the sexiness body jewellery brings it is important to trust a name you know will provide the best quality, affordable rates, and products from verified brands, Kaamastra is here to fulfill all your needs and more.


Different Types of Erotic Jewelry Available at Kaamastra

As much as women enjoy playing dress up inside and outside the bedroom these irresistible erotic jewellery will take glam to a whole new level.

Kaamastra has a variety of trinkets for you to indulge in –

Chokers and chains –

Bold, beautiful and sexy chockers available in leather, rhinestones, velvet and arousing shades of silver and gold are a sight to behold. From gold choker necklace to leg chain find your tune and style and take your pick from the wide sexy and elegant selections, perfect for gifting something special to your loved one.

Check out the Subtle Kaamastra Dazzling Rhinestone Choker for a glam look, the Kaamastra Rivet Studded Sexy Leather Choker and the Kaamastra Spike Choker Brown for some light bondage. The soft touch velvet looks are perfect for beginners, must-see Kaamastra Red Velvet Studded Choker, Kaamastra Black Velvet Floral Choker and the Kaamastra Moon Pendant Neck Choker.

Body chains are an extremely sexy addition into your wardrobe, they accentuate your figure and the look of the chains in glimmering silver or gold colours are going to add a royal touch and tease your partner to the fullest. The Kaamastra Turquoise Beads Belly Chain, Kaamastra Body Chain with A Pearl and Kaamastra Body Metal Chain Teddy are must-see options.

Body Jewelry and Pasties

We can only imagine the excitement when there is a world of jewellery for the body too, chain lingerie like gold bra to hot Jewelry like nipple pasties, navel and vag jewels is the kind of jewellery your partner would thoroughly enjoy.

Some hand-picked options like Kaamastra Chained Open Bra 3 Piece Lingerie, Kaamastra Vintage Retro Sexy Chest Body Chain Silver and the Kaamastra Rhinestone Bikini Set would make the perfect valentine gifts for your female partner.

If you are one who has a love for the bedazzled and enjoy teasing your partner, body jewels and pasties can make foreplay intense and fun. The Purple Slim Navel Jewel, The Green Crystal Navel Jewel and The Multi Colored Butterfly Vag Jewel are just a few of many shapes, colors and designs of body jewels at Kaamastra. Customer favourites breast pasties are a hit and will be so in the bedroom too, breast stickers are actually extremely versatile, plain nipple tape can be worn underneath a showy backless dress or deep front open neckline to help bring out the look of your attire, while Kaamastra Spiked Bondage Pasties, Kaamastra Candy Nipple Tassels and Kaamastra Seduction Villus White nipple pasties would do wonders for you behind closed doors.

Jewellery –

Apart from the irresistible variety in Sexy jewellery Kaamastra also houses beautiful, bold and designer trinkets that are more of the traditional form,

You can find elegant pieces in necklaces and earrings sets, brazen bracelets and earthy tones in leg chains. Designs in subtle pearl studded jewellery to retro coins and tassels makes sure that we have something for everyone, no matter what your style.

Kaamastra Signature Sexy Cat Necklace and kaamastra bohemian elegant pearl crystal bib necklace are a few sexy Necklace options to choose from and treat yourself to a glam look while Kaamastra Cute Cat with Big Eye pottery earring would make a cute and Sexy Earings gift.


Get Delivered Hot Jewelry Within 3 to 4 Business Days Across India.

Sexy accessories make for wonderful gifts for girlfriend/wife or friends. Get your Body jewellery, sexy chokers, erotic nipple pasties and more delivered to your doorstep in office friendly packaging with benefit of quick and discreet delivery.

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