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Moringa, often referred to as miracle moringa has been in use for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, the moringa plant can be consumed directly but is very effective in various forms like Moringa Powder, Capsule, Tablets, and Oil that are available at Kaamastra.

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What Is Moringa?

In layman term, Moringa is a plant and has widely been referred to a miracle tree around the world, native to Africa and Asia Moringa has been consumed as well as incorporated in medicines since time immemorial. A nutrient packed plant moringa is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and is known as a superfood. All parts of this plant, the leaves, flowers, fruit as well as the root is edible and all of it as well as the bark and seeds are used in medicines, especially ayurvedic and natural remedies even today.

This nutrient-dense plant contains protein, vitamins and minerals acting as an anti-oxidant and also contains anti-inflammatory properties hence its extensive use in ancient medicine. A combination of Moringa along with other strong herbs like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Gokshura, Safed Musli ,Shilajit and more have been a part of ancient Ayurveda as well as the current Ayurvedic medicine practises, due to their natural properties they are extremely beneficial for overall sexual health for both men and women.   


Benefits of Moringa

Used both as medicine as well as food, miracle moringa has a lot of benefits to its name and has been a part of healing for almost 4000 years. One of the major benefits of the moringa herb is its aphrodisiac properties that helps enhance libido and performance in both men and women. While moringa oil benefits are also very effective, here are some Moringa capsule benefits -

  1. Moringa consists of all-important vitamins, minerals, protein and nutrients, it is a power packed superfood.
  2. Widely used as a mood enhancer Moringa helps men and women get their sexual thirst back.
  3. The abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties ensure to reduce stress significantly, experience better stamina and fight against illnesses.
  4. Vitamins A, C, D, E and B in Moringa gives you nourishing skin, revitalizes the body, increases energy and improves blood circulation resulting in better sexual performance.
  5. A very strong herb, moringa helps fight erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and loss in libido.
  6. Moringa is highly recommended to people looking to watch their weight, incorporating moringa in everyday diet can help burn fat while retaining all necessary nutrients.

Forms of Moringa Supplement Available at Kaamastra

The moringa tablets available at Kaamastra are popular among men and women looking to enhance their sexual experience. While the supplement is available in various forms like moringa powder, moringa oil and moringa capsule the most effective of them all is the Novel Nutrients Shigru (Moringa) 60 Capsules - 450 mg.

The Novel Nutrients Shigru supplement is a natural, ayurvedic capsule with the primary component being Moringa.

Benefits –

  1. A superfood that boots the immune system and provides relief for many physical ailments like liver problems, kidney problems and thyroid.
  2. Moringa capsules are filled with Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, nutrients and antioxidants.
  3. Can be consumed to control high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  4. Moringa leaf and its extracts are known to fight against cancer cells and inhibit the growth of tumours.
  5. An increase in blood flow and stamina leads to better sexual health and works wonders for both men and women in the bedroom.

Moringa Benefits for Men and Women

Moringa is one of the strong herbs of Ayurveda that has been known to aid and provide relief for more than 300 health problems including physical problems as well as sexual. The herbs incorporated in the moringa pills available at Kaamastra helps both men and women and their overall sexual health.

Benefits for women –

  1. Moringa is a vitamin dense supplement containing Vitamin A, B, E and C which are all known to fight infections and illness.
  2. Boosts stamina and keeping you on the move irrespective of the environmental factors.
  3. A boost to the immune system keeps you healthy and happy.
  4. The Vitamin E present in Moringa comes to your aid against Premenstrual Syndrome.
  5. Women tend to develop deficiencies right after the age of 30, along with lifestyle changes and stress a bunch of Minerals like Calcium, potassium and iron deficiency is quite common in women, Moringa supplements are an excellent way to get that plate full of vitamins your body needs
  6. Widely known to enhance mood and libido Moringa supplements in form of powder or capsules can be consumed to enhance your overall sexual experience.
  7. Breast milk is hands down considered to be the most nutritious and significant for newborns and their development, moringa also acts as a lactation enhancer.

Benefits for men –

  1. The moringa leaves are extremely powerful and one of their major property is that its an antioxidant.
  2. Past, present and ongoing research shows that the moringa leaf extract can be used to eliminate cancer cells, although it is not an individual remedy, see a doctor about its uses and dosage.
  3. Its anti-inflammatory properties help improve blood circulation and control cholesterol.
  4. A healthy lifestyle and stamina boost from Moringa in turn will make your sexual life better as well.
  5. The blood circulation means better and stronger erections and combating erectile dysfunction.
  6. Experience and increases in libido, sexual stamina and sexual satisfaction.
  7. This aphrodisiac is the perfect and safe way to increases testosterone and boost sexual desire.

How to Use Moringa Products

Do you Know the advantages of miracle moringa? Are you wondering how to take moringa tablets?

Moringa can be consumed in various different ways, if one has access to the plant the leaves and fruits can be consumed naturally, available in many forms in the market if you’re wondering how to use moringa powder adding it to your moringa tea can have effective and pleasant health benefits.

Nutrient packed and protein rich moringa also works as an effective libido enhancer for both men and women, to know more about how to take moringa capsules and how to use moringa oil we recommend reading the labels and box instructions before intake/application and to use only the amount or dosage that is recommended.


Side Effects of Moringa

Everything is good for you in moderation, similarly opting for ayurvedic remedies like Moringa supplements should also be consumed under the guidance of a medical professional.

Needless to say, anyone with underlying medical conditions, chronic diseases, pregnancy or a heart condition should always consult a doctor for any medication and supplements. There could be some moringa tablets side effects and moringa powder side effect especially if not consumed in moderation, it is best to visit a doctor since each person’s body is different and respond to supplements in different ways.

Some side effects noticed among people who have consumed moringa is infertility, breast milk production (even if one does not need to breastfeed), Diarrhoea etc.


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