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Are you struggling with fertility problems, erectile dysfunction or lack of stamina? Don't be embarrassed, these kinds of sexual problems have become highly common because of busy lifestyles and high-stress levels. In fact, many men after the ages of 35 to 40 start noticing erectile problems. The good news is, there are solutions to help tackle such problems and bring the zing back into your sex life.

Kaamastra has a wide range of sexual wellness products that help improve fertility problems, erectile dysfunction, low stamina, lack of arousal and many others for both men and women! L-arginine is a fantastic supplement to take for men and women to help restore sexual health.  

What is L-Arginine?

Most people know of l-arginine as a supplement taken by bodybuilders and athletes, but this amino acid can do more than just help build muscle. It is vital in increasing blood flow which can have a fantastic result for men and women in the sex department.

L-arginine naturally occurs in certain foods, but in higher doses in the form of supplements arginine converts into nitric oxide and helps support good blood flow which is important for full erections. L-arginine can be found in small amounts in protein-rich foods but supplements can help produce the benefits of l-arginine more successfully.

L-arginine can be wonderful for the blood circulation system and it has far-reaching effects for physical health including sexual health. With increased blood flow, heart health improves significantly and it can also help both men and women enjoy sex with renewed vigor.

Benefits of L-Arginine for Men and Women

L-arginine has benefits outside of the bedroom as well as in. Although l-arginine has been made famous for its use for men, it has benefits for women too! L-arginine benefits can help you take back control of your sex life and help you get your health on track at the same time. L-arginine for men helps treat erectile dysfunction. This amino acid converts to nitric oxide in the body which is a vital compound required for increasing blood flow. Most erectile dysfunction problems arise from the lack of proper blood flow. With increased blood flow, even if you don’t have erectile dysfunction, l-arginine can help provide better erections.

L-arginine is not just for men, and women can also reap lots of sexual benefits. Lack of proper blood flow in the body can cause sexual problems for women such as libido loss, inability to orgasm and reduced sensitivity. L-arginine benefits women as well because increased blood flow has helped many women achieve orgasm with ease and enjoy their sex lives again.

If you and your partner are looking to re-ignite the spark or if you're just looking to improve your sexual wellbeing, l-arginine is the perfect supplement to add to your routine. You can even take it with your partner!

L-arginine can do more than get your sex life going again. It can improve blood circulation, increase immunity, help increase stamina and maintain good heart health. Whether you’re above 40 and your body is naturally slowing down or if your younger and looking to maintain good health, l-arginine is a good option which promotes physical wellness. Find the right type of l-arginine today to start your journey on a fitter and sexually happy self.

Types of L-Arginine Available at Kaamastra

Kaamastra has a wide range of sexual wellness products no matter what your need or problem. If you're looking to buy good quality l-arginine, Kaamastra is your one-stop shopping destination for everything sex-related. There are different types of l-arginine on offer including l-arginine granules, l-arginine capsules, and tablets.

Arginine powder is a commonly used type of l-arginine and is more popular than l-arginine tablets or l-arginine pills but both options are equally options. Zenith Prevnext L-Arginine capsules are suitable for vegetarians. L-arginine powder can range from Rs 450 to over Rs 1,600 depending on the brand and potency of the products. Arginine capsule prices are similar. Be sure to buy from reputable sources.

Uses and Dosage of Arginine Powder, Granule, Tablet, and Capsule

Arginine is easy to use and depending on your preference you can take capsules and tablets or powder and granules. L-arginine capsules and arginine tablets daily dosage can be anywhere between 2 to 6 pills one to two times a day on an empty stomach depending on the brand. For some people, this can be difficult to remember on a regular basis.

The other option is to use L-arginine granules and arginine powder. The recommended amount needs to be taken on a daily basis for lasting results but only needs to be taken once a day. Mix the dosage of l-arginine powder into your choice of juice to digest and absorb l-arginine properly into the body on an empty stomach.

Start with a low dose and increase to the recommended dosage gradually to see the best results with regular use.

Side Effects of L-Arginine and What You Should Know Before Buying

L-arginine is naturally produced in the body and it is important to increase consumption gradually as there are some side effects that can occur with high dosages of L-arginine. Too much nitric oxide can cause problems. Side effects include the risk of bleeding more in the event of injuries, low blood pressure, and change in blood sugar levels.

The best way to avoid side effects of l-arginine is to make sure you follow the recommended dosage and increase your dose gradually. Make sure to let your doctor know you are taking l-arginine. This is especially important if you are taking medication for low blood pressure.

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