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Ease of access, user-friendly interface, navigation option with dedicated sections for all your adult needs are just a few terms that define Kaamastra, sexual wellness is most definitely at the top of that list.

Take care of your reproductive and overall sexual health with Ayurvedic and herbal supplements made from safe and effective extracts of the Gokshura fruits, roots and leaves. Shop for Gokshura or tribulus terrestris common name as it is referred too in forms of capsules, powders etc at Kaamastra and enjoy doorstep delivery while shopping from the comfort of your home.

Gokshura is well-known to aid heart problems, loss in libido, infertility and has been used by bodybuilders widely as a natural and effective muscle strengthening supplement.

What Is Gokshura Or Tribulus Terrestris?

This powerful plant goes by more than 20 different names, the most common of them all is Gokshura Or Tribulus Terrestris. The Gokshura plant can be found in Africa, South Asia, Australia and South Europe while it is widely distributed around the world. The Fruits of this plant are covered in spine hence the popular term puncture vine for this plant exists, the fruits, root, leaves and leaf extract are used in ayurvedic sex medicines and have been serving its healing purposes in medicine for ages.

Predominantly the gokshura plant is used for treating sexual disorders, its anti-ageing properties and body building. 

What Are the Tribulus Terrestris Medicines Benefits?

There are various health benefits of consuming Gokshura or the tribulus terrestris extract

  •         Its medicinal properties and nutritional values improve brain functioning.
  •         Widely used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts the minerals present in gokshura improves muscle strength.
  •         One of the main gokshura uses is for Kidney problems, its cleansing effect on the urinary bladder helps cure kidney stones and other urinary diseases as well.
  •         PCOS or PCOD is very common among women, suffering from PCOS has many complications and can lead to depression, infertility, weight gain etc. Gokshura supplements helps regulate excessive water levels, deals with weight gain and in many cases also decreases the size of the cyst.
  •         Its anti-inflammatory properties make this herb a star for skin treatments as well especially for acne.
  •         Last but not the least and the most important tribulus terrestris uses is its aphrodisiac properties, not only does it treat loss in libido but also is an effective fertility supplement for both men and women.

What are The Forms of Gokshura Supplement Available at Kaamastra?

The tribulus terrestris pills available at Kaamastra comes from tried, tested and well-known brands only ensuring that they are safe to consume. Kaamastra has always aligned itself with manufacturers and brands directly to get the most natural product possible to fight against sexual ailments.

At Kaamastra you can find both gokshura tablets as well as tribulus terrestris powder forms, some of the options to choose from are –

Novel Nutrients Gokshura (Tribilus) 60 Capsules :

  •         It is a Natural Ayurvedic product
  •         The supplement is made from the gokshura plant containing lots of nutrients.
  •         Helps increases in production of testosterone
  •         Works wonders for libido enhancement
  •         Since this supplement maximizes performance and strengthen muscles it is ideal for body builders and weight trainers
  •         The increase in hormones leads to a healthier and satisfying sex life
  •         Boost of energy also remedies sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.
  •         Evident increases in endurance and sexual performance.

Zenith Tribulus 60 Capsules -

  •         An energy booster, the Zenith Tribulus is a favourite among fitness enthusiasts
  •         Improve athletic performance with these 100% vegetarian and natural capsules
  •         The goodness of gokshura combined into this nutrient packed tablet improves stamina
  •         The Zenith Tribulus is directed towards men’s wellness and improves muscle strength
  •         Experience an improvement in overall reproductive health as well, meaning stronger erections and better sex drive.
  •         This capsule Is derived from the prickly fruit of the Gokshura plant which is proven to be effective for sexual enhancement.
  •         While this capsule is available for men you can also find the Zenith Tribulus Plus 60 Capsules for men and women to boost your sexual performance.


  •         No side effects with self-healing properties
  •         100% Ayurvedic product containing ancient ayurvedic herb Gokshura
  •         The testosterone booster property acts as the perfect medicine for men to enhance their sexual health and sex performance.
  •         Improves quality erection and of sperm and helps fight infertility in men
  •         Women can consume Gokshura to combat pre and post-menopausal symptoms
  •         Increases libido in both men and women and also helps regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Just like Gokshura, herbs like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Shilajit, L arginine and more are known to work in sync for sexual disorders in men and women, you can find a variety of Ayurveda remedies with essential herbs right here at Kaamastra.

Quick note – If you are already on a set of medications, have symptoms/are undergoing any treatments, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have diabetes or are a heart patient steer clear of any self-diagnosis, show the supplements to your doctor and get the all clear before consuming.

Gokhru Powder and Tablets dosage

The Gokshura supplement dosage and how to consume depends upon the ailment and weather it’s for men or women.tribulus terrestris dosage differs on the basis of what you want it to help, some ailments like prostate hyperplasia or cancer remedies may include the fruits or fruit extract while other like body building or infertility may require the flower or gokshura powder.Similarly, one of the major benefits of Gokshura is increasing sexual desire in men and women and enhancing the performance with improving erectile function and increasing stamina, it is recommended to follow the dosage as instructed on the supplement cover or see a doctor for better understanding.

Is There Any Side Effect of Tribulus Terrestris Capsules or Powder?

The Gokshura plant helps in everything from heart problems, fertility issues to skin ailments rarely does it ever react adversely. Side effect of a certain herb or supplement may occur as a reaction to one’s current health condition, be sure to mention to your doctor if you are on any medications so they can guide you correctly.

Any supplement or medicine should be taken under the supervision of a medical professional to make sure you are not allergic to any substance/ingredients. It is always recommended that people with chronic illness, pregnant or breastfeeding women, diabetic, high blood pressure patients or anyone on heavy medication should refrain from taking any supplements against medical advice.

What Precautions You Should Take While Buying Gokshura Products?

  •  Once you have selected the product you wish to consume, take the said product to a doctor and share with them your medical history, current medication status and health problems.
  •  Do your own research, yes ayurvedic supplements majorly are made up of natural herbs and plant properties but its better to be safe than sorry. Step one is to know why your body needs Gokshura and once that is established do an extensive research on the same.
  •  It may be rare but one might never know what they could be allergic too, only buy organic and top-notch brands for quality control purposes.
  •  Gokshura products are available in various different forms, first be sure of what form will suit your needs best and then proceed.

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