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Shop for Ginkgo Biloba supplements online for relief from mental disorders, sexual disorders and maintain heart health. Ginkgo Biloba is a Gem and is one of the oldest known trees to have played a vital role in medicine and wellbeing.

Ginkgo Biloba aids sexual problems in men like Erectile dysfunction and in women like sexual desire, it can be found in different forms at, buy Ginkgo Biloba extract in capsule or in powder form.

What is Ginkgo Biloba Medicine?

Ginkgo is one of the oldest known species of tree in the world and a living fossil, it can survive up to 1000 years and has successfully done so against all odds.

The leaves of the Ginkgo tree which are usually fan-shaped is the part of the tree that is (in extract form) incorporated in medicines, food as well as cosmetics. The Ginkgo Biloba has very many medicinal properties and has been used as ancient Chinese treatments from time immemorial.

One of the major uses of the ginkgo biloba medicine is the relief for men from sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.

What Are the Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba Supplement

The ginkgo Biloba has very many uses, here are some of the benefits of including Ginkgo in your life –

-          Helps treat blood disorders

-          Widely known to treat memory disorders and slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

-          Maintains good heart health and improves cardiovascular function

-          Improves blood circulation in the body, also leading to the betterment of one’s sexual health

-          Improves blood flow to eyes

-          Increases stamina and sexual health, especially for men as it’s known to maintain firm erections and help men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

-          has anti-inflammatory properties as well and treats various diseases

-          Helps relieve PMS symptoms and remedy tenderness in breasts

-          Women consuming ginkgo supplements show signs of sexual arousal

-          sexual function in women with sexual arousal

-          The Iconic Ginkgo is packed with flavonoids with antioxidant properties protecting against skin damage and in many cases reducing the risk of cancer.

-          The extracts of this tree along with the dried leaves of the plant are used to make tea, the Ginkgo seeds are roasted and widely consumed as a delicacy in China and Japan.          

Forms of Ginkgo Biloba Supplement Available At Kaamastra

At Kaamastra find ginkgo biloba capsule as well as ginkgo biloba powder, as this extract has a plethora of uses and medicinal properties knowing which form and how much suits you will depend upon your ailment.

One of the popularly bought ginkgo biloba pills is the Zenith Ginkgo Biloba 60mg - 90 Capsules, a top-notch brand that has been known to formulate effective and safe supplements for sexual problems in both men and women.

Why buy the Zenith Ginkgo Biloba –

  •  100% herbal medicine
  •  Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
  •  No side effects
  •  Formulated with one of the oldest living tree species
  •  Very effective against memory disorders
  •  Primarily known to increases blood circulation in the entire body, even the eyes, helping overall eye health
  •  Improves brain function and heart health
  •  Problems like headaches, migraines, vertigo can be controlled with the Ginkgo supplement
  •  A very powerful ginkgo biloba tablet can also be used for people suffering from depression, although we do recommend to see a doctor for assistance
  •  Ginkgo also relieves Common sexual issues in men like ED and inability to stay erect for a longer period as well as provide more strength and stamina.

Dosage of Ginkgo Biloba Powder or Tables

Ginkgo relieves a lot of different problems of the body and of the mind which is why its dosage needs to be regulated accordingly.

Physical conditions like sexual disorders may require multiple doses per day but a relatively low dose wherever Memory disorders or illness may require a higher dose once a day.

Depending upon what category your illness falls under the quantity will be regulated, let your doctor help you decide and if you choose to buy the ayurvedic capsules from Kaamastra simply follow the instructions on the bottle for best, effective and safe results

Side Effects of Ginkgo Biloba Supplements

Like any medicine the ginkgo extract may too have some minor side effects, if you are already on a set of medications it is best to consult a doctor to confirm if consuming other supplements is safe.

Some noted side effects of Ginkgo biloba –

-          Allergic reaction could be a side effect of using the ginkgo extract supplements especially for people with sensitive skin

-          In some people the use of Ginkgo can cause constipation and in some Diarrhea

-          The ginkgo extract has a tendency to thin blood this risks the chances of bruising and bleeding

-          It is recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to refrain from this medication and always consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplements

-          Patients suffering from Chronic illness, heart diseases or underlying medical conditions should not consume these supplements without consulting a medical professional

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