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Shop for all your libido enhancement needs right here at Kaamastra, there are different forms and a wide variety in Sex medicines available for women suffering from low libido.

A lot of physical, psychological and environmental factors can affect a woman’s sex life and loss in libido is sadly a very common problem, while healthy and happy is the way to go it might now always be that simple in all cases. We recommend using Ayurvedic and natural remedies in form of Pills or powder available at Kaamastra.


Why is There a Need for Sex Medicine For Female?

Men and women both experience Loss in libido more frequently that one would like, women too have active sex lives but there are barriers that can be seen in form of symptoms to know when and if one is experiencing low libido. There is a need to increase female libido with sex medicines among women if certain symptoms are experienced –

  •  If you have recently changed your dietary habits or are on a weight loss diet there is a slight possibility of low stamina which can result in loss of libido.
  •  The need for sex medicine for Women arrives when an absolute lack of interest in sexual activity is experienced, unwilling to reciprocate or participate in any bedroom fun with a partner.
  •  Women lubricate when they are aroused but the absence of sexual thoughts or desire can make it difficult to get into the mood, if you still participate in sex it could be painful and unpleasurable.
  •  Foreplay plays a very big role, as you all may already know, it is as important as sex since it helps heighten sensation and desire, women libido booster is required when even foreplay doesn’t do the trick.

What is the Cause of Low Sex drive in Women?

There are many reasons that can lead to women losing their sexual desire, different factors leading to the loss in libido primarily are -


Physical factors

  •         Hormone imbalance due to medical reasons like thyroid, PCOD or other medical illness like high blood pressure or diabetes.
  •         Age is one of the main factors that cause low sex drive in women as hormones decline overtime which is why menopause is also one of the biggest factors of low sex drive.
  •         Antidepressants, contraceptives and other medications that you may already be on may have some side effects one of which is the loss of sexual desire.
  •         Chronic illness and diseases that require constant medications and care may result in losing interest in any sexual activity, example cancer.

Psychological factors

  •         Low confidence is one of the major factors in loss of libido
  •         Self-image issues means one is always second guessing oneself, disinterest in sex is natural for people facing peer pressure and self-image issues
  •         Depression, anxiety and constant stress
  •         Any Trauma suffered in past or abuse can easily make women cut ties with sexual activities altogether.

Quick tip – Ask for help, there is no shame in wanting to get better with help from your well-wishers around you.


Environmental factors

  •         Relationship issues and misunderstanding
  •         The Stress of workplace and inability to balance work-home life
  •         Loss of intimacy between partners
  •         Pregnancy or parenting itself can be stressful resulting in low libido
  •         A Sudden change in diet or exercise routine can affect pelvic floor muscle

Why You Should Buy Sex Pills & Other Medicines for Women from Kaamastra

Some of the many reasons our customer feels safe shopping from Kaamastra –

  •         Product Quality – Kaamastra deals with manufacturers and brands directly eliminating the middle man and any chance of product tampering. Quality control helps us bring to you the best products from top-notch brands specially designed for your sexual wellness. The Sex medicines for women available at Kaamastra are formulated with the best ayurvedic herb like Moringa, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Safed musli, Gokhura and many other Safe & Natural Ingredients.
  •         Approved by experts – The natural plants and their composition used in the supplements are pure and safe with no side effects which is why experts recommend these ayurvedic supplements to remedy sexual problems and work as a women libido booster.  
  •         Effective and budget-friendly – Since all supplements available to increases sex drive in women are natural not only are they proven to be effective in use but also is a non-invasive and easy on the pocket option.
  •         Customer service – Kaamastra has always taken pride in its customer delight team who are available to answer any query and help out with all grievances, from return/exchange to assistance in purchase talk to us to find the perfect female excitement pills for you.

What Are the Sex Power Medicine for Women Available at Kaamastra?

Libido enhancement is a safe and easy way to make sure you and your partner can enjoy utmost satisfaction. Kaamastra houses a range of Female enhancement supplements from breast enlargement, vaginal tightening to libido boosters. Browse and take your pick or look at the recommendations below –

Wild Cat Capsules 1 X 10The wild Cat is a trusted brand bringing you female libido tablets to improve your sexual wellness.

  •  Popular known as the herbal Viagra for women the wild cat capsules help with lack of vigour in women.
  •  Formulated with ayurvedic herbs and packed with nutrients this capsule is dedicated to increases sexual desire
  •  The wild cat capsule also Remedies sexual problems like premature orgasms in women
  •  With a boost in stamina an increase in libido can too be noticed

Novel Horny Goat Weed 60 capsulesThe most popular of them all these female enhancement pills are natural, non-invasive and effective.

  •         The biggest benefit of this supplement is that it contains only and only the horny goat weed extract and nothing else.
  •         The extract in itself is known to be a sexual enhancer and has been used in traditional ayurvedic medicines as well
  •         The horny goat weed capsule works wonders for both men and women in improving overall sexual function and bringing back energy and libido.
  •         There are No artificial components or any preservative used in this capsule.

How Female Should Consume Medicines to Libido

First and foremost, it is very important to understand what is the cause resulting in low libido, once you’ve established it is will be easy to choose an ayurvedic enhancement remedy.

We always recommend showing the supplement to your doctor and making them aware of your allergies and current medication status, this way you have taken all the precautions.

Read carefully and follow the instructions about dosage amount and how to consume mentioned at the back of the supplement bottle or cover.


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