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Women across the world suffer from intimate problems like sagging breast, small breast size and loose vagina.Kaamastra provides safe, non-surgical, non-invasive and natural remedies in form of capsule medicines, herbs packed creams and nourishing oils that are skin-friendly, made with safe ingredients and help drastically with breast enlargement, firmness and vaginal tightening.


What are the Main Causes of Small Breast Size and Sagging Breast?

There are a number of reasons why some women have underdeveloped or small breast size, some of the factors could be

  1.      1.The lack of Oestrogen and progesterone hormone can be the reason for the breast tissues not being able to develop completely. A Hormonal imbalance is somewhat common in young women and many factors can lead to it.

      2. Taking care of the Dietary requirements in growing children is vital, it helps develop the body as well as the mind, A poor diet is one of the main reasons why some women      have small breasts.

      3. Some factors like Genetics, physical ailments like Thyroid and poor choices like Drug use can all be the cause of a flat chest/small breasts.

      4. Mental health plays a role here too, a balanced diet and sound mental health are very important in developing children, stress or depression affects the mind and the body.        Many women have small breast size, while some do not mind it and carry themselves well others try to get a fuller look for their chest, this should be done naturally within the growing years or with Herbal supplements, creams and oils at a certain age. In many women Having small breasts can make it difficult to breastfeed which is why we recommend enhancing the size and look.


There are a number of reasons why women have sagging breasts, some of the factors could be

  1.  The number one reasons why all women experience sagging breasts is Age, the age determines the number of years your breasts have experienced the natural gravitational pull, with age the tissues stretch and fat component decreases which compromises the firmness in the breast.
  1. Every Girl or Woman knows the importance of a Good Bra, it looks great and most importantly it provides immense support and structure. With regular wear of a good support bra custom made for your breast size and shape will decreases the intensity of sagging.
  1. A good diet is good for the body as everyone knows, weight loss and gain can be affected by a change in diet and the fluctuation in weight causes stretching which results in sagging breasts.
  1.    Stretching breast tissues due to various reasons is what causes the breast to lose elasticity making it sag, smoking is one of the things that can also be the reason for the same.


Breast Firming & Breast Enlargement Cream Available Online at Kaamastra

While Breast size and form can be affected by a number of reasons through the years it can be altered with Good care and effort, basic dietary habits, regular exercise and supporting lingerie can surely help remedy both the troubles women face; having said that at a certain age increasing breast size or getting firm breasts may not be possible naturally which is why Herbal or Ayurvedic Creams which can be easily found at are recommended.

These are two of the most popular creams for Breast Firming and Enlargement available at Kaamastra–


  1. InLife B-Firm Cream

    The Inlife B-Firm cream is a popular bust firming cream known to do wonders for women experiencing sagging breasts or ones that have lost their shape and structure. An all-natural cream made of ancient ayurvedic herbs this is a completely safe way to enhance breast size, lift sagging breasts and improve shape and cup size.

Benefits –

  •         Made of ayurvedic natural herbs, hence, no side effects
  •         Strengthens the ligaments around the breast
  •         Helps provide support and strength resulting in firm breasts
  •         Notice a fuller and lifted firm look after repeated use
  •         Easy to apply with gentle massage
  •         Rejuvenating and nourishing cream leaving the breast skin feeling soft.
  •         A Safe choice as all ingredients are skin friendly and ayurvedic.
  1. Perfect Women Cream 60ML

    The perfect Women breast cream has been carefully prepared with selective herbs and nutrients keeping in mind the female breast, helping strength, firm and lift enhances the look and feel.

Benefits –

  •         Herbal remedy for women to help enhance their breasts
  •         A safe way to increases breast cup size and make them fuller & firm.
  •         The herbs and nutrients in the cream naturally increases oestrogen helping develop breast tissue resulting in bigger breasts.
  •         The perfect women cream stimulates new cell growth which helps to increase the size of the breasts.
  •         Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Gorakhmundi, Babool and many more are incorporated in this cream making it a safe and skin-friendly remedy for your breasts.
  •         Natural herbal breast firming gel has No side-effects
  1. Boos Cream 60ML


    This brand has made its name with effective results for breast firming and breast enlargement. The Boos Cream is a nutrients and herbs lotion that can be massaged on and around the breasts to increases cup size and experience firm breasts. Just like Boos oil and Boos Capsule this is another non-invasive and safe way to enhance breasts in the most natural way with Ayurvedic herbs.

What are Breast Firming & Breast Enlargement Pills Available at Kaamastra

Are you looking for supplements for Breast enhancement? Kaamastra has a wide range of products for women that help in Breast firming and Breast Enlargement, increase your cup size, give your breasts a good shape and structure as well as experience firm breasts with these Safe and all-natural Capsules.

  1. Nutrilety Bosom Capsules

A popular choice of bigger breast pills at Kaamastra is the

Nutrilety Bosom capsule as it has helped many women enhance the look of their breasts. A herbal supplement power-packed with herbs and nutrients this is one of the most natural way to going about Breast enlargement.

Benefits –

  •         Nutrilety Bosom Capsules are very effective as boob enhancement pills and have been known to help women increase breast cup size.
  •         The capsules work just like any medicine would and effects quickly
  •         The development of breast tissue helps with the problem of sagging breasts as not only do they increase in size but also make them firm.
  •         Ayurvedic herbs have been used as ancient medicine and are even today used for their natural and safe components, this cream is packed with ayurvedic herbs to help enhance the breast structure.
  •         Shatawari, Vidari Kand, Mulethi are just a few of the many herbs present in this cream.
  •         A boost to the oestrogen hormone helps make breasts look fuller naturally.
  1. Perfect Women 9 X 10 Capsules

The perfect women brand is one of the most used brands for Breast enhancements, when combined with the Perfect Women Cream 60ML very effective results can be seen in size and firmness of breasts.

Benefits –

  •         An all-natural breast increase medicine made from selective herbs
  •         A safe, secure and non-invasive way of breast firming and breast enlargement
  •         Ayurveda has the power to help all ailments, while patience is required the benefit of going for this remedy is that there are no side effects and the consumption of ayurvedic herbs enhances overall wellbeing.
  •         The Oestrogen hormone is responsible for breast enhancement which fluctuates due to hormonal changes and imbalance, the Perfect women capsule combined with the perfect women cream will give a whole new look, feel and structure to your breasts.
  1. Boos 9 X 10 Capsules

Most women crave for firm and full breasts especially whose breasts are underdeveloped; many women are unable to breastfeed too due to small size boobs and the best way to feel confident and look good with uplifted and good size breasts is to lean towards a natural and herbal breast enhancement capsules. The Boos Capsule (combined with the Boos Oil) have helped many women with increasing breast cup size and enhancing the firmness.

Benefits –

  •         A well-known brand, non-invasive and safe way to enlarge breasts.
  •         A noticeable lift will be formed giving the breasts a nice shape and structure
  •         With the fat tissues expanded an increase in breast cup size can be seen
  •         Ayurvedic components and natural nutrients help breast firmness and enlargement without any side effects.
  •         The Boos breast growth pills can be combined with the Boos oil for best results.

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