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The best thing about sex is Sex itself and the whole experience weighs on performance, arousal, and orgasm. If you are suffering from achieving any one its best to pinpoint the problem and work on solving it, Kaamastra is an online shopping portal for all your Sexual wellness needs and Remedies & Supplements for your sexual health are very important to us.

There are various different types of problems one might face during sex, lack of arousal for both men and women, erectile dysfunction in men, premature ejaculation, lack of stamina, weak performance in its entirety.

Kaamastra brings you Sex medicines that are safe to use with almost Mild or no side effects, organic in nature and ones that will help enhance your sexual health. You can browse through the section to find further dedicated categories listing medicines and oils, choose your requirement from Attraction and arousal oils, Male enhancement supplements, Female enhancement products, and overall Sexual performance remedies.


How Our Sex Tablets & Supplements Can Help You to Improve Libido & Stamina?

A wide range of Sex Pills, oils, creams and lotions available at Kaamastra can help in Libido Enhancement, Stamina and to get your sex drive back.

For lack of Arousal in men check out these male supplements - Love Bird Capsules, Karant Capsules, Zenith Nutritions Fertil Edge For Men, Zenith Mens Vigo & Vita vegicaps are some of the Safe sex medicines that can help with problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and enhance male libido. Not being able to achieve sexual pleasure can be frustrating for you and your partner and can prove to be extremely unhealthy, with safe supplements on Kaamastra you can rest assured of getting your drive back.

Unisex ayurvedic products like INLIFE Ashwagandha Capsules or Zenith Nutrition Ginseng with Ashwagandha can help your overall health and boost stamina. They also feature benefits like better cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol, relieving stress and depression making you feel healthy and happy as well as boost immunity.

There are a number of oils, creams, and lotions available too, check out the Duragel Lotion and the Shunga Dragon Virality Cream. When massaged on the Penis before intercourse these creams can enhance sexual stimulation and pleasure. If either of you has trouble achieving intense sensation and orgasms these creams might help relieve your worry.

For lack of Arousal in women check out these female supplements - Wild Cat Capsules, InLife B-Enhance Cream, Boos Oil 100ML are some of the must-see products. Get your vigour and drive back with the Wild cat capsules, massage with the Boos oil regularly to get fuller and firmer breasts or use the B enhance cream by Inlife for Breast Enlargement. Feeling confident about your body can help you mentally prepare and increase libido enhancement.


Which types of Sexual Wellness Products on Kaamastra

Sex toys and accessories help to make your every day love making fun, intense and delicious but many even today experience loss in sex drive, inability to orgasm or perform and low sexual libido. Sexual wellness products on Kaamastra can help you overcome all of these barriers.

There is no need to worry unless you have a serious underlying medical condition Sex tablets and Arousal products can help you get your sexual desires back in place.

In many instances not able to perform or get turned on can be embarrassing and lead to low self-esteem and loss in confidence, Kaamastra houses many sex power capsule for that extra edge and pushes that you need and capsule for long time fun for men suffering from pre-mature ejaculation.


We Have medicine for male & female excitement As Well

You may or may not be suffering from any conditions and have a good sex drive that doesn’t mean you cannot work on enhancing it more and adding more excitement into the bedroom.

power capsule for man and male enlargement pills are designed with the needed vitamins for men, if you are not satisfied with the size of your penis and simply cannot gratify yourself or your partner enlargement pills can help.

sex capsule for female – there are a variety of capsules for women too, for libido enhancement, breast enlargement, and sex medicine tablet if you have trouble reaching orgasm.

all the medicines is made up of safe herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, L-ArginineGinkgo biloba, Ginseng, Moringa, Safed Musli, GokShura , Horny goat weed and more.


What Precaution You Should Take Before Consuming Fertility Tablets, Sex Boosters & Other Sex Health Products

When you are concerned about your sexual health it is very important to be sure and cautious about what you use or consume. All the products under the Sex medicines category at Kaamastra are by trusted and well-known brands, products designed specifically to relieve you either male or female of their sexual worries.

Fertility supplements are available for both male and female, you should get checked out first to understand the underlying issue and who should be consuming it. Meeting with a doctor and choking out a fertility plan is a safer option than going for any treatment or supplements independently. These are good products available at Kaamastra that can help increase sperm count and potency but they can be relied upon for performance and not as a fertility drug.


Having said that some precautions must always be taken before buying and using any Sexual wellness supplements, oils, creams etc.

  • Like any medicine be sure to check the expiration, ingredients, use directions and dosage of the product, this is a very vital step.
  • Check whether the supplements if designed for male or for female
  • Check whether you or your partner are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned, research about them if you do not understand the medical/ayurvedic terms.
  • Regulation of dosage is very important, try to retrieve as much knowledge as you can and always consult a doctor to discuss the exact problem, If and how much should you consume/apply.
  • Speaking with a medical professional or consulting with a Psycho-sexual therapist is certainly recommended. While you may need and want these supplements which one is right for you and will help improve your sexual health is the question that a professional can most certainly help with.


There a various type of physical or mental problems that can affect your sex drive, they very well could be associated to depression, stress, hormonal imbalance, personal relationship disagreements, lifestyle choices, age etc. and it is best to understand the problem before going in for sex medicines.


Buy Various Sex Wellness Products from Kaamastra And Get Delivery Across India within 3-4 business days with discreet packaging and shipping.

Shop for all your sexual wellness products worry-free from Kaamastra and enjoy benefits like multiple payment options, Ayurvedic and natural supplements and doorstep delivery. A dedicated section for your sexual health this caters to both men and women to overcome various bedroom problems or simply enhance their overall sexual experience.  


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