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Kaamastra houses both Edible and nonedible Sex massage and Body massage oils, bringing you a good start to your bedroom time with some relaxation and rejuvenation.

A sensual massage is a perfect foreplay giving you and your partner plenty of time to be fully aroused and self-lubricate, the time leading up to sex is very important as you are in the mood and what to do everything to make that intensity grow. Sex oils are a sound choice as they promote safe and healthy sex and eliminates condom breakage cases to a great extent. In fact, it is recommended to experiment with sex oils for masturbation as well, if you have trouble getting in the mood or self-lubricating the texture, aroma, and warmth of sex oils can be a boon.

What better than to Relax and explore your partner's body in a sexy way, a sensual massage can prove to be beneficial in many ways and arouse both you and your partner. This is an intimate way to connect with your partner and calm the nerves before sex, the power of touching is primal and quite arousing. Calming yourself before sex makes it easier to get into the mood, helps in lubrication and eases you and your partner into the experience.

If you or your partner have skin sensitivity Lubricants may or may not suit you, it could prove to be a risky move. Natural massage oils at Kaamastra like the Kaamastra Intimate Organic - Cocoa & Goji berry will act both as an oil and as a lubricant for you, it, of course, is a boon that oils are much better and nourishing for your skin. Sexercise would certainly need some relaxation and strokes of warm oil giving you a deep tissue massage opening up any knots you may have is the perfect way to start.


How Exotic Massage Oils Can Enhance Your Romance?

Unless you are a massage therapist, experimentation is key and really fun as a couple. You can get to play around and massage each other until you find what works for you, the best part is even though there might be one person performing the massage both reap the arousing benefits.

Find the best massage oil for couples at Kaamastra and tease your partner with it, gift wrap it for him/her or bring it to the bedroom yourself.

body oils for couples are a slippery slide you want to go down on and with pleasure, stimulating your partner with a sensual massage can tease the both of you and help to get him up and you wet. Try something fun like massaging your partner's entire body except for the genital area, the titillating feeling with increase the intensity before you get down to the deed.

Exotic massage can enhance your romance in another way, Sex oils will naturally act as a lubricant and what’s more oils by nature are extremely moisturising so you are actually taking care of your skin and not exposing them to harmful chemicals. When Massage oils come in contact with your hand, the warm strokes of your hand can accentuate your mood.


There are many benefits to using massage oils with a partner, both erotic and exotic –

  1. Sensual massage is an art, considered to be a part of physical therapy a nice rub down from your partner can prove to be both arousing and invigorating.
  2. It enhances the mood, you may have had a long day or are simply craving to add more intimacy in your bedroom time, a sensual massage can certainly help with that.
  3. While this very well would act as foreplay for you and your partner, the positive and sensual energy you share with touch is unmatched and forms a deeper connection making the wait even more intense and pleasurable.
  4. This gives you the chance to explore your partner's body and vice versa, with every feeling you can learn more about your partner's erogenous zones and arouse them.
  5. One of the amazing upsides to a sensual massage is the health benefits, be careful with your partner and find out what ails them the most, a good massage with the correct amount of pressure in certain places can relieve your partner of body ache, muscle, and joint pains. Apart from this the skin loving that you will receive from the oils are simply remarkable. Almond, coconut. Jojoba and many more enriched edible and not edible oils available at are plenty to choose from.
  6. A Good stress reliever, an intimate bonding experience, love for skin and body and an act to strengthen your sexual relationship are certainly reasons enough to indulge and try out the sexy goodness of an Erotic or Exotic massage.


Types of Erotic Massage Oil Available At Kaamastra?

A range of edible & non-edible massage oil at Kaamastra will have you spoilt for choice,

edible massage oil is a delightful choice, they provide lubrication and make a tasty treat too.  Check out the Kaamastra Shunga Chocolate Intimate Aphrodisiac Oil (also available in strawberry oil and green tea oil) and the Shunga Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil - Sensual Mint, these are sure to enhance your experience of sensual massage as well as for oral pleasure. With edible massage oils, you do not need to pause lovemaking for a wipe down, Kaamastra also houses organic and vegan edible massage oils that are pure in their form and bring just about enough sexiness into the bedroom.

And some rejuvenating and intimate non-edible flavoured massage oil like the Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oils Bloom and Intimate Earth Massage Oil – Naked is the correct mix of warmth and aroma.  A strong and sensual combination brought to you by the best brands are a must see - The Kaamastra Shunga Libido Exotic Fruit Massage Oil and Shunga Erotic Art Organica Kissable Massage Oil Intoxicating Chocolate are excellent quality products helping in releasing all your stress and making your sexy desires rise. Creating an intimate bond with your partner through massage will benefit the both of you physically and emotionally, an art of lesser words and only action aromatic and flavoured massage oils give you the opportunity to please your partner to the fullest.


Get Couple Massage Oil delivered at your doorstep Within 3 to 4 Business Days across India.

With easy payment options like Cash on Delivery, Credit/Debit Cards, E-wallets and more, discreet packaging, office-friendly parcels, and quick delivery services enjoy shopping for Body massage oils and sex oils from anywhere in India. We use only discreet packaging for all the products will reach you on time with your desired products.


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