Use Sex Lubricant Gel and Other Personal Lubricant for Better Sex Experience


Lubricants are magic when it comes to having satisfying sex, Yes, we self-lubricate depending on how aroused we are but a little nudge never hurt anyone. Lubricants can actually boost pleasure during sex and can enhance the overall experience for oral, vaginal and anal sex.

Using lubricant can be extremely beneficial-

  • Helps women who experience vaginal dryness during sex
  • Eliminates pain and burning during penetration
  • Even though condoms are lubricated adding a little more during use can make it easier to slide in the penis and amplify the sensations.
  • When used with sex toys, lube makes it easy for material like rubber or glass to be inserted without causing any tears or harshness,
  • There is a variety of lubricants that one can choose from depending upon the toy or your personal comfort.
  • Edible lubricants available at Kaamastra will make oral sex more exciting than ever, why not have a taste when you go down?


Which Type of Personal Lubricants and Sex Gel Are Available at Kaamastra?


There are different types of Personal lubricants from well-known brands available at Kaamastra, this collection can help you find what suits you and your partner best. While it is common to want to use natural lube, going for products like ready oils or Vaseline may not lead to satisfaction as they dry up quickly and create a risk of tearing the condom.

You can find Water-based lubricant gel which is the most commonly used lube, water-based lubrication has many benefits, (they come in flavors too)

  • Water-based lubes are the best to keep the integrity of the condom intact, no tears or rips.
  • they are an easy clean, do not stain your clothes or sheets
  • the sensation is mild and soothing to the skin
  • Its major and base ingredient is water, after all, no harm can be done.


Check out these excellent water-based lubricants -

California Exotic Sexual Accelerator Gel a good choice for clitoral stimulation, Skore Lubes Cool and Kamasutra Aloe and Vitamin E Personal Lubricant – enjoy that cooling effect, the slippery ID Glide 4.4 Oz Water Based Lubricant and the Fifty Shades of Grey Ready for Anything Aqua Lubricant – the name says it all.

You can also find silicon-based lubes that are generally oil-based lubricants, silicone-based lubrication is a great choice in the shower whether alone or with your partner, some more benefits – (experience them in fruity and more flavors too)

  • Silicon-based lubricants last much longer and stay intact even when they come in contact with water, so hello shower with your partner.
  • These are generally hypoallergenic so if you have very sensitive skin or are prone to allergies easily pick up the oil-based lube.
  • Many products like the Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 act as a massage oil and lube so you can get the best of both worlds without constantly reapplying lube for friction.

Want to make thing more fun? edible lubes are the way to go and the most exciting, tasty and sexy too.

When choosing a good anal lube to go for something thicker like Oil-based lubricants, it will help provide the much-needed cushioning to that sensitive less dilated part. Gel lubricants should be your go-to for anal penetration whether by yourself or with a sex toy.


Which Lubes Brands I Will Get on Kaamastra?


Kaamastra houses the best of the best when it comes to Adult toys, sex accessories or personal lubricants.

You will find brands like Durex, Skore, Shunga, ID and more well-known and acclaimed names on the website, choosing a quality product is vital when dealing with your most sensitive parts which in turn leads to safe sex too.


How to choose Perfect Lube for You?


There are different types of lubricants in the market that you can pick from depending on what you have in for the night, if you are new to trying this and are wondering how to use lubricant fret not, lubes can be used for masturbation, penetration both vaginal and anal as well as with sex toys; in fact, it is recommended to use a lubricant while wearing condoms too.

A water-based lube should be a part of your lube collection for sure, a go-to selection this is a versatile product that can match with almost all toys, condoms and are very easy maintenance products. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to chafing around the parts a water-based lubricant is your answer not only will it enhance your experience but makes for an easy clean without staining your precious bedding. When in contact with water a water-based lube is rendered futile, for shower play read below about other lubricants.

A long-lasting lubricant can help you enjoy a healthy sex life, silicon or oil-based lubricants do not need multiple reapplications and stay in there smooth and slippery form for a long time, enjoy the pleasure of these lubricants with sex toys, without or without condoms and especially in the shower. Although they can be a little difficult to clean up, be careful with the amount you use so as to not stain your bedding or clothes. Oil-based lubricants have dual utility as they can act as a massage oil too and what more sensual than that right? Make sure you check the sex toy/condom warnings if they can or cannot be used with silicone lubricants.


Why is vaginal lubrication important for women?


While women do self-lubricate it is not always as quick and easy, vaginal lubrication creates sexual arousal making sure you are ready for your partner to enter minus the pain and irritation on your sensitive areas. Lubricant for women is also very useful for those who do not self-lubricate or do but minimal or incur vaginal dryness.

natural lube is extremely helpful for women to enjoy sex and keep the friction and chafing at bay, Kaamastra houses top-notch lubricant for female brands to choose from and a little lube goes a long way for pleasure.


Use of lubricant gel for male has significantly gone up

lubricant for males is a popular subject, while women may use them to avoid discomfort and amplify their sexual pleasure men too have been known to indulge in sex lubricants for similar reasons.  The rise of sales and demand in the product shows us the men too understand and enjoy the needs of lubricants, these can be used and be extremely helpful for anal penetration, masturbation and use of sex toys.


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