How Sex Lubes, Body Paints & Sex Massage Oils Can Spice Up Your Romance.

Sexual desires are something experienced by one and all, whether you are looking to enhance your personal intimate experiences or one with a partner Sex massage oils and lubricants can add the much-needed oomph to your lovemaking. These are perfect foreplay products that one can use either alone or with a partner to stimulate pleasure. If you enjoy indulging in sex toys lubricants and oils are a must especially to dial up the romance with your partner.

If you are a beginner to using Lubricants and oils, welcome! This is an experience that will re-define your sex life. The benefits of Sex lubricants are numerous and so are its effects on sex, just a few drops of lube will amplify the pleasure and reduce pain during penetration, now this is something you should never going to let go off. Although lube is already such a boon to the act the variations in flavor (edible and non-edible) make it even more interesting and intensifies the entire experience.

What’s more? The world of Sex oils is more than just a massage, a good rub down with you going down is just what your partner needs to set the mood and Kaamastra brings to you an array of Aroma Sex oils, Edible Sex oils as well as Non – Edible Sex oils to choose from.

If you think you’ve seen it all, think again. Along with Sex lube and Sex oils you can also find the adventures of Body painting among our collection, these make for wonderful novelty surprise/presents and allow you and your partner to indulge in playful foreplay and teasing.

Tip – Please read the label on the product before consumption, make sure it is an edible form of lube/oil/paint before you try to taste it. For body paints, if at any point you feel an unusual sensation or irritation rinse off immediately.

Benefits of Sexy Massage Oil & Lubricants

It is a very commonly known phrase – Wetter the better and rightfully so, the more lubricated you are the more friction occurs during intercourse leading to intense orgasms. Sexy massage oils can benefit the foreplay and an intimate massage of the whole body including your erogenous zones can lead to sensually lifted endeavors. Edible oils on Kaamastra like the Shunga Green Tea Intimate Aphrodisiac Oil is organic, sugar -free, heats up on contact and keeps your hot spots lubricated for a long time without any dryness. What a fun way to moisturize during sex don’t you think?

Lubricants, edible ones especially are a boon to sex, they are typically available in water, silicon and oil based and here at Kaamastra you are sure to find a wide section. Lube doesn’t only intensity your entire experience but also is ideal for both personal intimate alone time and a romantic evening with a partner. If you’re the kind who likes to get down with both fingers and tongue, we recommend Sex Bomb by Superslyde – which is latex safe and ideal for sensitive skin or Viaxi Chocolate Flavoured Edible Lube, well if you’re into chocolate.

How to Use Lubricants?

Lubricants can be extremely helpful for both masturbation as well as partner play,

If you’re using it by yourself it is certainly recommended to use lube with sex toys like dildos or vibrators and can provide friction and sensation that can help you climax.

If using with a partner it is an excellent form of foreplay and also a good way to amp up the romance by applying them to erogenous zones of your partner and vice versa. Best used right before intercourse lube really will help you explore each other’s bodies.

The best way to use lube is to gently apply a small amount and then more as an when you need since there are different types of lubricants and some may be drying for you try them out first to see what works for you best.

How to Use Sexy massage Oil?

A massage is a well-known form of foreplay that helps in building mystery and desire before getting down to the deed. Gently massaging your partner with sensual and aromatic oils can arouse them and prolong sexual stimulation.

Best used before intercourse Kaamastra provides edible sexy massage oils so you don’t have to take a break to wipe off your partner, simply enjoy the pleasure as the heat builds up on when you come in contact with the oil. With Massage oils, you do not need to constantly lubricate and the easy to slide sensation is surely a benefit.

Might we suggest a Kaamastra Massage Seduction Kit.

What Are Body Paints?

If you or your partner are the Artsy types this erotic little game can be the sexiest thing to happen to you. You can make art while you make love, edible body paints are an erotic combination for your love of food, art, and sex but not in a creepy way. Let those creative juices flow while you paint over your partner with Kaamastra Chocolate Body Paint before you lick it all away. This is a sexy way to prolong foreplay and focus on the activity than stressing about pleasing your partner, this is help bring out the romantic in you and if you’re an artist then Voila!

What Are the Types of Body Paints we sell?

At you will be able to find edible body paints available in different flavours and consistencies, take your pick and enjoy. Some popular body paints you can check out are Shunga Erotic Art Chocolate Body Paint for all you vegan lovers out there, this is also available in strawberry and Kaamastra Chocolate Body which is Milk chocolate based and tastes oh so good.  

How to Use Body Paints?

Body painting, a mixture of art and sex makes a good combination. When you choose to use non-edible body paints you can make art on your partner's body and indulge in playful paint tattoos and foreplay or simply choose a nice and big empty canvas and get down on it, literally.

The more exotic option, of course, would be to gift your partner some edible body paint with which you can get creative on their body with a brush or better yet your fingers and tongue, this would be an intimate (sometimes messy) and spunky sex adventure.

Buy Lubricants & Massage Oil from Kaamastra and get quick and discreet delivery across India within 3 to 4 business days.


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