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More men each day are getting in touch with their sexuality and understanding their needs, desires, and fantasies a little better. Men can experience pleasure in many different ways and forms and sex toys have proven that, while the traditional form is sex is fun for them yearning for something more remains where Anal sex steps in.

Our country is all about progress, same can be said for the way men and women perceive anal sex, today a range of specially designed toys are available to aid men in their quest for pleasure with penetration.

Why Men Should Try Perineum Massager?

First and foremost, it is kind of an adventure and experiment for men to be able to explore their bodies and find more ways to induce sexual release, in layman terms it is called the P-spot or simply prostate and different types of massagers, vibrators, butt plugs etc are available at Kaamastra to play with.

Men from experience have accepted the fact that massaging their prostate or engaging in any sexual contact is caused a stimulating effect and release, so it makes sense to explore it further and engage in intense sexual pleasure with anal sex. There is an easy way to start, a perineum massager looks a lot like the G spot massager for women, since there is a wide selection to choose from its best to start to slow first with just massaging around the anus and then going in for penetration or simply experimenting with Prostate plugs.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Prostate Stimulator?

Although prostate massagers are a mainstream product today and the reason for many male orgasms there is another upside to it too, the health benefits. The prostate has always been of concern to men due to the risk of prostate cancer which is why we urge you to get it checked out regularly.

Apart from the fact that men are simply scared to try anything around their anus, there are some very helpful reasons why to totally try Prostate massage.

  • Erections are primarily as good as your blood flow is, massaging the prostate results in better blow flow throughout your body which could result in treating Erectile dysfunction.
  • Regular stimulation Decreases inflammation, this, in turn, helps minimize urinary problems as well. A fun little powerhouse called Ben Wa Balls can come in very handy, reducing inflammation can also aid Men suffering from painful ejaculation.
  • If you are over the age of 50 an enlarged prostate is not something to be worried about, it’s common and natural (we do recommend any way to check with your doctor) the regular use of prostate massager to slowly reduce symptoms and side effects that come with an enlarged prostate.
  • Believe it or not, one of the biggest health benefits is to your sexual health, the feeling of fulfillment you will experience with the heightened and novel pleasure will be like none other. Men have admitted to having satisfying orgasms with prostate stimulation.

Prostate Plugs User Instructions

One of the most mens sex toys in India , prostate plugs or butt plugs as it’s usually called are extremely popular, there are plenty of different ways one can use a butt plug mostly depending upon the preference of course.

  • The way it is intended to be worn is to insert and leave it there for a certain amount of time, can be used for foreplay, teasing a partner, indulging in bondage or simply doing it for the orgasmic fun.
  • Every plug is different, with varieties in the material (silicone, plastic, glass), make and model, shape and size etc you can choose what to experiment with.
  • Applying Lubricant is step number one, we cannot emphasize enough how important this is especially if it’s your first time or you’re simply looking to explore. Lubricant needs to be applied inside the anus as well as on the prostate plug generously, be sure to use material friendly lube (preferably water-based) before inserting any p spot toy.
  • Start slow and small, use your finger first (or let your partner do it) to feel and understand which spots work for you and what causes pleasure, then use a plug toy for a while for the stimulation.

We Ensure Quality Prostate Vibrator with 100% Safe Material

Shopping at Kaamastra is always a seamless experience, our customers select their requirements in massagers basis their desires and fantasies without giving a second thought to the brand/quality/price. This is because we are the number 1 Platform in India today providing the most pocket-friendly quality products from well-known brands.

100% safe materials used to make these regularly bought prostate vibrators, you should check them out too - Kaamastra Male Prostate Massage Anal Plug & Delay Ejaculation Ring, Sensemax Sensevibe G Spot and Prostate Vibrator - Turquoise, Kaamastra Silicone Prostate Massager- Black and the little powerhouse with big results the Kaamastra Blue Bullet Vibrator.

How To Buy Or Choose Prostate Massager

In the beginning stages men often find themselves in a tight spot (no pun intended) as they cannot figure out which massager to choose, they can very well be a little overwhelming but once you have the parameters set it will be easier to lock on the one that will suit you.


First and foremost it is important to determine the size that you’re most comfortable with, if you are a beginner it is recommended to go for something flexible like silicone material and the smallest size possible.

Public use  

Remember to experiment, butt plugs are mostly used as foreplay or a masturbation tool, wearing it when you’re going about your day can be quite arousing. Picking the kind of toy you would feel comfortable wearing for a good duration needs to be selected carefully, check the material, size and handle type before wearing it in public. Picking the correct one could save you from some uncomfortable situations.


This is a very important if not most factor to consider when buying prostate massagers or plugs, being able to firmly hold it in place so that the handle is just right and outside is vital.

Vibrating or non-vibrating

Many people like the thrill and adventure vibrating prostate toys bring while others enjoy the experience of the manual control. Consider your preference and your partners when choosing to go with a vibrating or non-vibrating toy.

Materials used  

If you are familiar with the use of vibrators and dildos you will surely understand the importance of this, understating the make and model along with the materials/chemicals used to construct the toy comes in handy.  Research well, ask questions and watch videos about the particular brand/product you wish to buy. If you plan on using this in the shower or chilling by the pool with your partner the toy should be water friendly (non-vibrating).

Last but not the least, purchase your prostate massagers and plugs from a Trusted platform like Kaamastra where you get a guarantee on quality.

Different Features Our P Spot Massager Have

At Kaamastra you can find a range of P-spot massagers to choose from or gift, here are some features you will find in most of the Massagers

Vibrating mode and speed – Different vibrating modes from mild to extreme and different intensities of speed selections will be available for you to play with. Give control to your partner and make things even more exciting.

Size – This compact looking sex toy can take pleasure to a whole new level with its shape and size, specifically designed to reach ultimate pleasure while massaging the prostate the sizes available are perfect.

Wireless charging – When you invest in a vibrating or battery-operated device the last thing you want is it to give up on you in the middle of your sexy time, enjoy wireless charging, easy and convenient for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Modern design – Prostate massagers look a lot like G-Spot massagers, these massagers are perfect for pleasure because of the modern, sleek and comfortable look. What’s more? a lot of them will also have a travel lock feature so that your toy doesn’t start buzzing out of anywhere when you’re away or in a pleasant company

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