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Men and masturbation, the truth about it is that most men even today prefer fondling oneself with their hands and while that works great for many it is not the only way. Specially designed masturbators are available at Kaamastra for your pleasure and excitement, break the monotony and invest in a cool Masturbation kit that can enhance your sexual experience, by yourself as well as with a partner.

A range of masturbators, suction cups, pocket pussy, penis sleeves etc is available in different sizes and variations to bring the best gratifying sensation your way. Designers have meticulously worked on making a lifelike version of the female vagina, mouth and anus options to bring intense orgasms for men.

Needless to say, a collection of the most exciting male toys is available at the best prices on Kaamastra from the most well-known brands, this, in turn, assures you of the quality and longevity of all our products.

Masturbator For Men Are Gaining Popularity In India

Masturbation Aid helps in sexual release and adds some fun in one’s alone time, most sex toys (masturbators) are unisex and designed to enhance the sexual experience but are mistaken as female sex toys. It is a myth that masturbators are only for women, in fact keeping the male genitalia in mind a variety of penis sleeves, artificial vagina and penetration toys are in place and can be bought online in India at Kaamastra.

In less than a decade the rise of sex toy users in India have increased exponentially, websites and platforms like Kaamastra are the reason for Men and women in India being able to have access to these amazing products. The popularity of male masturbators in India lies in the design, the replica of a female vagina stimulates and arouses tenfold. Believe it when we say masturbation has an array of health benefits for men, as it does pleasure.

Whether you masturbate frequently or occasionally including toys in the mix can reap many benefits.  Products like masturbation cup, masturbation sleeves, and artificial vagina are gaining immense popularity in India among men and are some of the bestsellers at kaamastra.

While more and more men and women are turning towards their love for masturbation and aiding it with amazing sex toys there are a couple of precautions to take heed off especially by men –

  • When using male masturbators cleanliness and hygiene must be maintained, since these are the types of toys that you penetrate there are chances of lube, semen or bodily fluids remaining inside.
  • Clean the cup before and after every use, the best way to do this is to buy a specialized cleaner made for it.
  • Lube is your friend, whether you use sex toys or not lubricant can be very helpful during masturbation, the best tip that we can give you is to always use a condom, most condoms are lubricated on the inside already. This not only enhances the sensation but also allows you to climax without having to worry about dirtying the cup.
  • Select a size, texture, shape that you’re most comfortable with, many cups come with the feature of making it either tight or loose, some are simple suction cups others ribbed and dotted for that extra feeling. A variety to choose from gives you an added advantage to add every different type to your collection.
  • Experiment with your partner, while masturbators are primarily designed to replace the monotony at the hand, these can very well be used with a partner, giving them the control to stimulate you is sure to get your heartbeat racing.
  • Read carefully about the materials used to make the fleshlights or masturbators do not submerge a toy completely in water especially if they are vibrating battery operated toys.

Different Types of Men Masturbator Available Online?

There is a range of products (Masturbators) available for you to choose from, at Kaamastra you can choose between a non-vibrating masturbation cup like the Kaamastra Masturbation Soft Cup, varieties in size and textures of penis sleeve like the Kaamastra Pink Lady Super Masturbator Sleeve- Large and mountable masturbator like the Kaamastra Vagina Mastubator cup with wall suction cup.

At Kaamastra you can find a different kind of masturbation toys to play with to fulfil all your needs, while you (men) may not know or understand the importance of including toys there are many 

  • Add this Sensemax Sense Ecosystem Masturbation Kit to your collection for the complete package of technological advancement in masturbation. This works with the virtual reality tech to redefine your alone time, with this masturbation kit you get a SenseBand for your wrist, the Virtual Reality headset and a masturbation cup. An entire experience jammed into one kit this is a boon to men everywhere, we’re pretty sure you’re not always looking for a quickie and sometimes would simply like to enjoy the sensations that is when this exquisite masturbation kit comes in handy.
  • Grip and motion are all there is to masturbation, which decides the friction, speed and stimulation leading to either a good orgasm or none at all. Enjoy the Kaamastra Rechargeable Suction Masturbation Cup and change the way you spend your alone time, most of the masturbator with suction cup comes with dotted and ribbed texture inside which gives the entire experience more of a boost.

Get Delivery of Male Masturbator in India Within 2-4 Days

The best part about shopping at Kaamastra is the service, enjoy benefits like quick shipping and discreet delivery for all your sex toys in India within 2-4 days of placing the order. Kaamastra has associated itself with brands like SenseMax and similar trusted names to get top quality products for you to aid in your sexual quest.

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