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Adult pleasure games are a brilliant thing exclusive for couples and consensual partners if you thought game nights were all the rage you may be right but these game nights are far better and sexier. What sexy things do you have planned for this Valentine?

A dinner date may be, or what about her/his birthday coming up? So many beautiful and cherished occasion where your better half deserves some loving and if you’re planning something routine, think again.Don’t you want to surprise your partner, show them your spontaneous side and plan something ultimate and unique? Fret not, Kaamastra is going to help you add a lot of fun to your bedroom times, dirty games for adults and couple games are the perfect surprises you and your partner should indulge in.

Getting away from your busy lives, children and more can be difficult in a committed relationship and most couples end up deflecting the stress during sex or lack there off, let’s not let that kill your sexy time with your partner and get you that relief along with a night full of fun.

Hot couple sex games are a good way of foreplay, it excites you just enough and teases your partner plenty giving both or more participants the power to dominate the sex act. There is a lot to do when you make kinky sex games a part of your life, as a couple, it is very important to keep your sex drive going as important as pleasing your partner to the fullest. Naughty games are a great addition to your sex routine as they take the pressure off of you and your partner and you can follow positions, actions, foreplay, fantasies and more while playing the games.

Benefits Of adult games for Your Sex Life

Spice -Spice and fun are two terms that should describe your relationship, commitment is a beautiful thing and keeping the appeal alive is very important, especially sexually. Adding fun with games and role-playing can bring sex, love and laughter to your togetherness.

Bond – When playing sex games or adult games you get to explore your partners likes and dislikes, their bodies, fantasies and inhibitions too. Intimate games help strengthen the bond between couples and act as a great buffer and arousing feature to you everyday love affair.

While this not in any rule book but in most cases lack communication and physical interaction can weaken a relationship, a game night with your close one with intimate love making a part of it might be just the thing you need to take things forward with your partner.

There are various different types of games available, from mild dice games to raunchy bondage game kits, you can add a little something to your night times a couple of times in a week to keep things happy and healthy. A good sex life also leads to calm and good mental health, so maybe now is the time for you to roll up your sleeves and start your night with some fun games.

Which Types of Erotic Game Will I Find on Kaamastra?

Kaamastra has a wide range of erotic and fun games for you to choose from, Adult Fun Board games like Kaamastra You & Me, Kaamastra Lets F*ck Sex Board Game and Oral Fun the Game of Eating Out Whilst Staying In are just a few of the hot night games made for your raunchy and sexy nights, these are intimate fun with a sexy twist.

On the website, you will also find Word Games, Sexy card games, Dice games, drinking games and other such romantic games for couples that you can indulge in for intense sexual stimulation.  A simple yet fun way to get some kinky sex behind your bedroom doors are these playful dice, Kaamastra Lets Fool Around Dice, they may look like the normal playing dice but that’s about it, it can do wonders for you and your partner helping you submit to the game by following the lead of a sexy surprise.

Some of the must-see products include DRINKO - drinking games for couples and Kaamastra Naughty Nights - Raunchy Dare Dice Kaamastra Glow in Dark Lovers Dice, Kaamastra Bedroom Instruction Dice, Sex & Mischief Playing Cards, Kaamastra Fifty Days of Play which are a few of the absolute perfect husband and wife games.

How to Play Kaamastra's Hot Night Bedroom Games?

Hot night bedroom games should be enough motivation for you to take it up a notch in the bedroom, make it fun for yourself and your partner. Nothing can be more tantalizing than kissing, do not underestimate how arousing it can be, tease your partner with this Creative Kisses - 101 Unique Way to Kiss Your Lover which will take you on a journey of fun and frolic with a ton of kisses.

Another erotic act of love is Body painting, it combines your love for food and if your fetish involves licking in any way this is the way to go, check out these organic Shunga Erotic Art Strawberry Painting bottles, available in chocolate as well.  Since we’re on the topic of edibles, food fantasies fulfilled with Kaamastra Candy Bra for your female partner and Kaamastra Candy Pouch that’s typically an edible men thong for your male partners are a treat, quite literally. You can eat your way through these arousing fun games for couples with every lick and bite.

One of our most favourites and enticing games for husband and wife is the Kaamastra Bound by Love Game, it is an intimate and erotic game which will leap over sensual levels you’ll be glad you discovered, play with your partner while you play the game and heighten both your sexual stimulation and pleasure.

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You can choose from easy payment options like Cash on delivery, Debit and Credit cards, online transfer or Pay through E-wallets. Kaamastra brings you the convenience of shopping online with discreetly packing quality products delivered at your doorstep, find products that are pocket-friendly, designed to fulfill your sexual desires and shipped via a quick service courier to make sure you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy them.


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