Buy Flavoured Condom Like Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Online from Kaamastra And Spice Up Your Sex Life

Condoms today are a necessity for all men and women who have taken care of their sexual wellbeing, be that as it may the introduction of flavoured condoms proved that safe is the new sexy and vice versa. While condoms protect both the partners from Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy many people use it for just that, well we’re here to tell you with the best brands and products that condoms (specifically flavoured) can change the way you enjoy oral and vaginal sex.

Why Different Types of Flavours Available in Condom

Flavoured condoms are a boon to safe sex, primarily designed to aid all oral sex lovers flavoured condoms has slowly and surely become a hit among all with an active sex life.

The original unsettling taste of latex can put off the mood easily, oral sex has been revolutionised with Brands like Durex and Manforce creating a line of condoms for the needs of those who enjoy indulging in oral pleasure.

Kaamastra houses a large number of condoms with flavors, Dotted & Ribbed Condom from various different trusted brands, you can find the common strawberry flavoured, chocolate flavoured or mango flavoured condoms as well as the exotic pineapple flavoured, Paan flavoured and grape flavoured condoms too. The different types of flavours are available in condoms today to ensure your experience is tasteful (quite literally) and so you can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure with offering and receiving oral sex.

What Are the Benefits of Flavoured Condoms?

While being able to spice up our sex life is reason enough to indulge in flavoured condoms here are some benefits that come with it -

  •         Flavoured condoms are an exciting addition to otherwise tasteless oral sex, which is more than benefit enough to go on a shopping spree with your partner for all the flavours in condoms.
  •         Condoms are a Safe way to enjoy oral pleasure without risking rashes, infections, diseases etc, all kinds of unprotected sex (penetrative) anal, vaginal as well as oral can result in STD’s.
  •         Many women enjoy offering oral gratification but not the ejaculation, flavoured condoms are the perfect way to create a barrier as well as for you to enjoy.
  •         Latex emits a particular smell and tastes unappealing too, this can be masked with your choice of flavoured condoms (which is by default mildly aromatic too).
  •         Mind boggling number of flavours to choose from, the simplest familiar chocolate to exotic grapes and more are options to excite.
  •         Truth be told not a lot of women may enjoy the taste of penis or semen, flavoured condoms come in handy in this case.
  •         The edible lube or flavouring on the condom is safe to consume (not the entire condom) which makes oral sex fun, delicious and more exciting than ever.

A few tips to make sure you can enjoy the benefits and pleasure that flavoured condoms bring …


1. The way any condom can possibly be effective is to use them correctly, knowing how to use condoms is the first step.

2. Make sure you always check the validity on the pack, yes condoms do expire even though they do have a long shelf life.

3. Condoms are disposable and should be thrown after each use, if you switch between vaginal and anal sex use a new condom every time (especially if you’re sharing sex toys with a partner)

4. Remember that penetration (any kind either penis or toys) can prove to be harsh, using extra lubricated condoms can be a game changer.

5. Last but not the least most condoms are made of latex which is the safest and secure material to use, in any case if latex does not suit you or your partner you must and alternate kind.

What Is the Different Brand of Flavoured Condoms Available at Kaamastra?

Most flavours you can think of are available as flavoured condoms, at Kaamastra you can find the best brands bringing to you tantalizing flavours in condoms for oral sex. Trusted names and good quality brands like




Skore and more can be found at Kaamastra.

It is safe to say that chocolate flavour condom is quite commonly bought among other popular ones like banana condoms, mango flavored condoms, Strawberry Flavoured Condom and Vanilla Flavoured Condoms. Check out these irresistible options –

Playgard Strawberry Flavoured Pack

Kamasutra Excite Chocolate Pack

Manforce Intensive Banana Flavoured Pack

Manforce 3 in 1 Chocolate Flavoured Pack

Skore Condom Strawberry

Kamasutra Excite Banana Condoms

For a more exotic touch you can also find a wide range of uncommon and unique flavours that will excite your taste buds while releasing pleasure for your partner. Novel flavours like the meetha Paan Condoms, coffee flavour condom, butterscotch condom, Orange Flavored Condoms, apple flavored condoms, black grapes condom and Pinapple flavour can be found at Kaamastra. Check out these irresistible options –

Playgard 3 in 1 Black Grapes Flavoured Condoms

Kamasutra Excite Coffee cappuccino Condoms

Manforce Pink Bubblegum Flavoured Condom

Manforce Stay Long Orange Flavoured

Kamasutra Double Whammy Choco-vanilla

We Also Sell Flavoured Condom Which are Dotted, Ribbed Textured as Well as have the Stay Long Features.

While Flavoured condoms are primarily for oral pleasure many of them are designed for sex too, At Kaamastra you can find Aids for safe sex and your overall wellness with top-notch brands and a wide variety. Apart from the regular flavoured condoms you can also find the combination type here with flavours and dots and ribs like with Manforce Extra Dotted Green Apple Flavoured Pack of Condoms and Kamasutra Excite Butterscotch Dotted Condom.

The dedicated section at Kaamastra will fulfil all your condom needs with the ever so amazing options to choose from, regular flavoured condoms which are safe with edible favouring, Dotted and ribbed flavoured condoms for that extra kick and ultra-thin and stay long condoms which do more than just please as they can also be used by couples experiencing problems in the bedroom with premature ejaculation and low libido in women.

Have a safe, secure and satisfying experience with a hint of fun with endless options in flavoured condoms for men.

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