Enhance You Pleasure by Buying Dotted and Ribbed Condom by Kaamastra Online in India

Are you looking to heighten sexual pleasure? Kaamastra has never let their customers down and never will, find a wide range of Dotted and ribbed condoms available at the website brought to you by the best names in the market like Durex, Manforce, SKore, Kamasutra, Playgard etc.

Enhance pleasure and the overall sexual wellness with safe sex, Condoms are not only the safest form to indulge in intimate relations but also the perfect birth control method. With Kaamastra your condom shopping needs have been met with Dotted flavoured condoms and Ribbed textured (also flavoured) condoms. A vast selection of pocket-friendly, compact, branded and safe products to aid your sexual health.

Why You Should Try A Textured Condom?

Using condoms make sex safe as well as fun, while it is certainly the best way to keep at bay unplanned pregnancy and STD’s they do more than just that. Regular condoms can do the job, quite easily but add that oomph and extra X factor with a textured condom. Various different designs of Ribbed, dotted, zig zag condoms are available with top trusted brands that can be found at

Textured condoms help enhance sexual pleasure leading to a healthy sex life which is known to have various positive effects on relationships. Increase intimacy with pleasure try Textured, extra lubricated or flavoured condoms in the bedroom and enjoy the joyous ride it will take you on. Choosing to use textured condoms is the first step towards sexual adventure and increasing the fun in the bedroom for yourself and your partner. Kaamastra houses the best brands with a vast selection of ribbed and dotted condoms to choose from, excite your partner every time with their choice of flavour and more.

What Is Dotted Condom & its Benefits?

Sex in itself is such an intimate, fun and satisfying activity surely no one ever wants it to be boring and rightfully so. Dotted condoms are designed particularly with raised dots pattern on the condom all around so as to provide a stimulating sensation upon penetration when the condom touches the vagina walls the texture provides added friction that causes a lot of pleasure to both the partners.

Benefits of using Dotted condoms –

  • The exterior surface is carefully designed and spaced with raised dots increasing the sensation on contact.
  • A texture like dots brings novelty into the otherwise vanilla sex with plain condoms and brings on a whole new sexual experience.
  • Pleasure should go both ways and with this one can achieve that. Moreover, Dotted condom price does not vary much from the regular ones making sure that fun doesn’t          pinch your pocket.
  • The intricate designs are made keeping in mind how the texture would feel and how it would heighten and stimulate the experience.
  • Dotted condoms can also be enjoyed in various varieties of flavours.

What Is the Difference Between Normal Condom and Dotted Condom?

Sex brings so much Joy, love and lust into our lives that we must take precautions as and when required and always use them correctly in order for it to be effective.

While Regular condoms may do the trick for many, opting for textured condoms breaks the monotony in the bedroom and gets your partner excited about that extra effort you’re putting in for their pleasure.

  1.   While normal condoms have a plain outer and an inner surface dotted condom have a texture throughout the girth which can be felt upon use.
  1.   Plain condoms may or may not come with any lubrication, textured condoms are usually extra lubricated.
  1.   With dotted condoms itself, you can find a wide variety with extra dotted, bigger dotted condoms etc.

A Condom’s Primary function is safety and while sex can always be fun is can just as easily become monotonous too and affect a relationship in a big way. A small step of adding textured condoms into the mix will make sure that pleasure increases for both the partners involved.

What Are the Different Types of Dotted Condom?

Kaamastra has always been a one stop shop for all pleasure aid sex toys and  Bondage equipment’s and if there is one thing, we abide by is Safety.  Being safe can be just as fun when you add Dotted condoms to the mix. Different types of dotted condoms by the best brands in India can be easily found on Kaamastra. When you look for Dotted textured condoms online in India you will find a vast variety also available in different flavours from green apple to butterscotch.

Raised dots – This pattern can be found on most dotted condoms now; the raised styles expand the dots giving the illusion of the condom being bigger in girth creating more friction on contact and increasing stimulation.

Extra dotted condom – At Kaamastra you can also find extra dotted condoms like Manforce Extra Dotted Hazelnut Flavoured Condom which as the name suggests contains a greater number of dots and come with extra lubricants.

Super dotted condom – Super dotted condoms can cause immense pleasure and stronger orgasms in women due to the bigger size of dots designed on them.

Different Brand's Dotted Condom Kaamastra sells?

Each and every person’s body is different, what triggers pleasure for one might not do the same for another, find what works for you and your partner and invest in those type/style/flavour/Brand of condoms.

Kaamastra is a leading online adult store that takes pride in its associations with brands like durex, manforce, skore, Kamasutra and more bringing only the best and trusted names and products directly to your doorstep. Condom and their brand importance -

  •         One must understand the importance of buying trusted brands as with condoms it is a matter of safety.
  •         A name you know and trust will ensure using only the best materials in their product keeping you out of harms way from any infections, irritations and diseases.
  •         Ensuring the integrity of latex is a priority when it comes to condoms or there can be a risk of it tearing while in use, which is why investing in top trusted brands is the way to go.
  •         Variety is the key to happiness in this case and that’s what brands at Kaamastra promise with different types and flavours like man force extra dotted condoms, Manforce Extra Dotted Butter Scotch Flavoured, Xcell Premium Latex Dotted Condom Apple Flavour and more.

What Is Ribbed Condom & its Benefits?

Similar to dotted condoms ribbed condoms are particularly made with raised ridges that run throughout the width of the condom acting like little bumps providing a whole lot of pleasure. Ribbed condoms have a unique texture that has been designed that way purposefully for when the penis rubs against the vagina the ribbed patterns running through the tip can cause a remarkable sensation intensifying the experience and in turn releasing more pleasure.

Benefits of using ribbed condoms –

  •         Nothing says fun like a pack of Skore Zig Zag Dotted & Ribbed Condoms ensuring your partner that they’re in for a joy ride.
  •         In comparison to plain condoms including ribbed textured condoms in the mix once in a while can be a good experience and can enhance your sexual relationship.
  •         Many people experience loss in libido due to monotony in their intimate lives, break that barrier with the Kamasutra Ribbed Condoms Pack and surprise your loved one.
  •         Enjoy satisfying sex with stimulating Ribbed textured condoms specially designed to increases pleasure between the sheets.
  •         Ribbed condoms can also be enjoyed in various varieties of flavours

What Are the Different Types of Ribbed Condom?

Large ribs and small ribs – Ribbed condoms are extremely commonly bought at Kaamastra, with the intensity this simple design brings customers have loved including these raised ridges into their intimate times. You can find your choice from either large rib design condoms or small ribs design condoms depending on what works for you and your partner.

Extra ribbed condoms – Ribbed condoms are fun as is but when you add a little something more the extra factor will certainly help make your partner weak in the knees. Extra ribbed condoms can be found at Kaamastra with raised ridges, dots or zig zag which is also known as a multi textured condom.

You Can Also Buy Combination of Ribbed and Dotted Condom Online Form Kaamastra

Once you try your hands-on Textured condoms you wouldn’t want to go back, if you still cannot decide which one is your type check out the Skore Zig Zag Dotted & Ribbed Condoms which will give you the best of both worlds and provide immense pleasure with their structured texture combination. Order Condoms online in India at Kaamastra with the biggest brands, trusted quality, pocket-friendly prices and enjoy the convenient experience from the comfort of your home.

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