Experience Long-lasting Pleasure with Extra Time Or Delay Condoms at Kaamastra Online In India

Do you want to experience more with your intimate partner? Extra time condoms can help couples with typical problems like climaxing too fast or simply add that extra kick to an already amazing sex life.

Kaamastra houses a dedicated section for Climax delay condoms keeping in mind the needs of many, experience lost lasting pleasure and satisfy your female partners completely with Extra time condoms that in many cases also come extra lubricated and textured.

Condoms have evolved and customized into so many different kinds basis desires and requirements, Kaamastra like always brings to you the variety with the comfort and convenience of doorstep delivery and discreet packaging.

What Is Delay Condom?

Delay condoms is a type of condom designed specifically for climax delay and are known to help with underlying medical conditions such as premature ejaculation. The stimulating effect caused by using extra time condoms can be an added advantage and a novelty in a relationship.

Kaamastra houses the best brands of course with varieties in flavours and textures to choose from for you to last long for intimate pleasures. From the biggest names like Durex to commonly bought and loved Manforce, a wide variety of climax delay condoms can be found at Kaamastra to aid with your bedroom troubles.

Popularly known as Performance Condoms Delay condoms give you that extra time you need with your partner satisfying her completely as well as providing you with a prolonged intense orgasm.  The whole idea is to enhance your sexual experience and wellness, delay condoms gives you and your partner the chance to enjoy sex for a longer time and release more pleasure than ever.

Are Condom for Long Time Safe?

Just like any other type of condom extra time condoms too are very safe to use, the main purpose is of course to shield both the partners from Sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancy. In fact, in many cases, men suffering from low libido due to premature ejaculation and vice versa can rely on Extra time condoms for a fulfilling experience.

The benzocaine lubricant only gives the sensation of mild numbing therefore it doesn’t harm in any way, simply helps prolong the pleasure. If you are suffering from underlying medical conditions due to which you simply cannot last long in bed and are unable to gratify yourself as well as your partner it is recommended to go for Delay condoms, safe in nature, gets the job done and gives a boost to your otherwise vanilla sex.

Climax delay condoms like many others are made with latex mostly as it the safest and durable material for the act, in case you or your partner are allergic to latex please opt for an alternative.

*Quick note - Needless to say, if the problem still persists it is best to visit a medical professional for help.

How Last Longer Condom Works?

Delay condoms are carefully designed to aid men who climax faster than they want to, in this scenario women are not able to enjoy or satisfy themselves at all. While condoms are the most effortless way to enjoy safe sex Extra time condoms can come to your rescue for this above problem as well.

Climax Delay condoms come lined with the benzocaine lubricant, approximately 4-5% present in the interior surface of the condom acts as a numbing agent to the tip of the penis prolonging your pleasure and henceforth climax.

How To Use Stay Long Condom?

The way to use any male condom is pretty standard,

  • Carefully roll on the condom onto the penis,
  • Make sure to leave the room at the tip for semen, pinch lightly to pull the condom for room
  • Be careful while putting it on if you have long nails, certainly, don’t want to puncture the material
  • Since this is a long lasting condom, the lube inside will soon start working upon contact to numb the tip of your penis, do not worry and enjoy a satisfactory delayed climax.
  • The safety of any condom lies in its integrity which can easily be compromised by punctures caused by nails or tearing the packet with teeth, best to not be in a hurry.

There are many benefits of using Extra time condoms, the stimulating friction for a long time can help women orgasm better, provide the luxury of staying longer than usual for men and of course the extra lubrication does wonders for both. The small dose of the Benzocaine aesthetic will prove to be a boon to an otherwise unsatisfactory sexual relationship.

Which Are The Brands of Long Time Condom Available At Kaamastra

The primary goal of a condom is to keep you and your partner safe, in order to do those certain parameters like the brand, quality, validity date, material make up etc need to be considered during the purchase of any condom. At Kaamastra when you shop for your Adult needs you can always rest assured of finding only the brands that promise you all of the above, check out the names you can find here -

Manforce - Manforce Stay Long Orange Flavoured Condoms, Manforce Stay Long Pineapple Flavoured

Kamasutra - Kamasutra Longlast Condom,

Durex - Durex Extra Time Condoms,

Skore - Skore Timeless Climax Delay Condoms, Skore Condom Not Out

And more options In flavours, textures and pack sizes.

All of the delay condoms like the manforce staylong condoms are specifically designed to meet your bedroom needs and to keep you going for that extra time. The longevity duration differs from person to person and the current condition/duration. Such simplicity with a climax control condom that aids a very troublesome thing has revolutionized sexual wellness and given couples a chance to prolong their intimate act of love.

Kaamastra promises ease of access with a user-friendly website, a wide variety of Climax delay condoms with benefits like Quick shipping, office friendly packaging and discreet delivery from the biggest and most trusted brands of condoms.

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