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Shop for your favorite unisex and couple toys at Kaamastra, even with a lot of skepticism and restraint anal toys have been the talk of the town for a while. Since more and more people every day want to play around with butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers and anal beads it's only fair that we bring you a collection of the best quality products right here.

A wide range of women/men and unisex Anal pleasure toys are available for you to choose from, from beads that you can wear out and about during the day teasing your partner to vibrating plugs for stimulation you’re sure to find something to suit your needs here.

Why You Should Buy Unisex OR Couple Toys 

  • They make exquisite gifts, when you are looking to adding something into a bachelor party/bachelorette party hamper or simply looking to gift something to your couple friends’ unisex adult toys are a great idea. Different and novel from the everyday usual gift items a couple toys like butt plugs and beads are super versatile and they will surely love it.
  • Explore your body and your partner's body with anal pleasure, contrary to popular belief while vanilla sex satisfies many it is always a fun idea to try something more and different. Reap the benefits of prostate play for men which lead to intense orgasms.
  • Anal toys open up a whole new avenue for people, whether you want to add a little spice to your current relationship, play out a fantasy with your partner or simply try something new butt plugs, beads, and massagers are really fun.
  • The fact that these compact toys are easy to clean and store is a bonus when it comes to sex toys, small in size, usually made of silicone or glass both materials that are very easy to clean and have longer shelf lives.
  • Immense pleasure, believe it or not, anal play can be a source of intense pleasure and orgasms.

What Are The Toys Which Can Be Used By Men & Women

Butt Plug

One of the most popular types of anal toys are butt plugs, while the original use of butt plugs is to stretch out the anus so that using penetrating toys or anal sex doesn’t hurt as much, they have soon grown to be a big part of foreplay and pleasure. Check out the colorful varieties in two different materials like the Kaamastra Pink Transparent 3 Bead Advance Butt Plug, Kaamastra Pink 2 Beads Intimate Butt Plug and Kaamastra Glass Medium Faux Fur Animal Tail Butt Plug- Black.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are as pleasurable as they are quirky and decorative, a favorite among beginners if you’re trying anal for the first time start with beads, they are sleeker in shape and size and come in variations of vibrating ones like the Kaamastra Vibrating Anal Beads Sex Toy Blue and Kaamastra Fantasy Vibrating Anal Beads- Pink as well as the non-vibrating long ones like the Kaamastra Heart Shape Anal Beads Black and Kaamastra Yellow 10 Anal Beads.

Erotic Sexy Gloves

If you thought all the fun was in penetration you must see this foreplay friendly and amazing invention, the Kaamastra 5 Textured Glove for Fingering - Ribbed & Edged for Stimulation and Kaamastra 6 Textured Glove for Fingering - Ribbed & Edged for Stimulation will change the way you and your partner enjoy touch.

Finger Massager

Clitoral stimulation or finger stimulation goes a long way in foreplay, With the Kaamastra Mini G-spot Finger Massager for Women- Blue here’s your chance for a lot of fun in the bedroom.

Among the above-mentioned products, you can also opt for a prostate massager like the Kaamastra Rechargeable 7 Speed Anal Massager which does wonders for men and helps them achieve intense orgasms. You can also find a stimulating Squeeze Boob Ball at Kaamastra

Some Tips To Remember Before Engaging In Anal Penetration 

1. Comfort is key and if you are a beginner that will not be your first sensation, needless to say, the anal gland is somewhat small and to penetrate it one needs to be very careful, yes, the results are pleasurable but always start slow.

2. A lubricant is a priceless commodity to own when trying anal penetration, it will prove to be immensely helpful to slide in the toy with less pain. A water-based sex lubricant is usually the safest bet since most toys are made of silicone

3. Remember to be relaxed, do not stress or be tensed and at no costs should you force anal penetration. Go ahead with it only if you and your partner both have given consent and are comfortable to try it.

4. Anal toys are primarily made of either silicone or glass, if you are a beginner, we recommend going for the flexible option that is silicone. The glass plug would be someone rigid making you feel uncomfortable, but of course, if that is what arouses you go for it.

5. One should be more than careful with hygiene when it comes to anal penetration, remember what the main function of this body part is which means this is the one place that is exposed to all kinds of bacteria and germs. Clean thoroughly before you insert any toy, both yourself as well as the toy.

6. Anal toys should be cleaned very well before and after use and should not be shared with partners. Also, do not switch between anal and vaginal masturbation with the same toy.

 7. This may come as a surprise but anal toys can very well get stuck inside if you either wear it for too long or in the wrong way, instead of taking an embarrassing trip to the emergency room make sure you buy the correct size and shape that suits you.

Kaamastra as we sell sex toys in india is no doubt your one-stop destinations for all things sexy and when you’re looking to add a little something more to your sex kit anal toy are a great choice. Shop with us avails quick shipping facilities as well as Enjoy benefits like free shipping for orders above Rs.1000/- and discreet delivery in office friendly packaging.

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